DTLA LIFE MAG #1 | JANUARY 2014 - Page 42

Dropbox: Dropbox is a free app that allows you to bring all your photos, documents, and videos to one offline storage place. Once uploaded you can edit documents and photos and see your revised edition on any computer or tablet. You can easily share with other users and it en- ables you to send a share link to a file or folder for bigger files- so no more slow loading emails! Your uploads are always safe with Dropbox because they secure your files with a 256-bit AES encryption as well as a two-step verifi- cation system. Dropbox comes with 2 GB of free storage space but more can be purchased. Dropbox is Android and Apple friendly and can be synced with tablets and computers. You can download Dropbox with 2 GB of storage for free from dropbox.com There is also the op- tion to upgrade to more storage on the Pro or Business editions. Google Drive & Keep: Google Drive is a fantastic cloud storage device. Drive allows for easy file sharing and can be used on any device with Internet connection. You can create documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint’s with ease. It is a free app that can be used on any mobile de- vice or computer. Drive can be easily synced with Google Keep, a place to create checklist, enter voice notes, or snap and edit photos. You receive instant access to your recently posted information on your desktop or phone. Keep also allows you to add reminders for important events or turn any note into a checklist. The notes are color coded for easy organization and you can simply swipe to achieve notes you no longer need. Google Keep is a free app for Apple and Android devices. Google Drive and Google Keep can be downloaded for free from chrome.google.com. Pocket: Pocket is a free app that allows you to save an interesting article, video, or anything else on the web to your “pocket” to read later. Pocket will even highlight your most relevant content and allow you to share it on Face- book, Twitter, or email. The tag option allows you to easily filter your articles to a specific group you want to read- making it easy to separate between work and play. Pocket automatically syncs between your mobile phone and desktop or laptop computer so you can get to your saved content from any location. You can get your own Pocket for free from getpocket.com.