DTLA LIFE MAG #1 | JANUARY 2014 - Page 31

RINA BAR ZOHAR One of the privileges of running an art gallery is discovering new talent and being able to share these discoveries with others. We would like to take the opportunity in this segment to spotlight new and exciting voices that we have featured in our Downtown gallery, GDCA. ! ! Artist Rina Bar-Zohar’s work is both beautiful and thought provoking. Her most recent "Under the Wrap" series is an ex- amination of both ancient and contemporary cultures' ambivalent relationship with the nude female form. Bar-Zohar's women are wrapped with gauze-like materials, which are both alluring and alarming as they range from sensual drapings, revealing the naked beauty underneath, to protective layers  through which the women shield their sensuality and vulnerability. Either way, the nude figure appears too powerful to be experienced in its purest form. Illus- trated in glorious Mische Technique, Bar-Zohar’s rich yet transparent nudes stretch the very essence of light, as if they were lit from within. ! Bar Zohar’s ladies represent the 'eternal essence, beauty and power of woman', free of time and place and culture. Of equal thematic importance is the cycle of life: her women are born, experience transformation and ultimately disintegrate to become part of the greater whole. Her painting "Veil in the Wind" unravels the fabric around a non-existent lady - she has de-materialized. All that is left is the wrapping, in the process of falling and being carried off by the wind. ! ! For more information on the “Under the Wrap” series or on additional works by Rina Bar-Zohar please come see us at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts gallery on the corner of Spring and 6th Streets or call us at 323 309 2875.