DTLA LIFE MAG #1 | JANUARY 2014 - Page 27

NIGHTLIFE The Must Is Back Our popular tavern and gathering place that closed in 2010, is back in a new downtown Los Angeles location.    Soft opened since the first week of De- cember, the former beer and wine establishment returns to the Historic Core, where it abruptly lost its lease following a two-year run.    It is everything its loyal and long-waiting patrons enjoyed in the first location and more. “Peo- ple have been anticipating our comeback,” said Coly Den Haan, sommelier and co-owner.“ Our neighborhood and our patrons have been extremely supportive.” ! Named after the juice created by the first pressing of grapes during the wine- making process, the Must will keep wine at its core but boast an expanded bar with liquor and signature beer- and wine-themed cocktails, plus a re- vamped menu.   It will be significantly larger, with a patio, an outdoor bar on the ground floor, and a private wine cellar tasting room in the basement”.   ! Co-owner Rachel Thomas says that despite its expansion, the Must will re- tain its warm, casual ambiance.   For example, guests will be able to grab a drink or bite to the sounds of deejays spinning music on various nights.    Thomas describes the space as “design-oriented and cozy” and says its old world meets new world atmosphere will appeal to patrons whether they walk in wearing heels or flip-flops.  “The Must will be inclusive,” said Thomas.    “We want people to feel comfortable trying new things.   There’s no attitude.   You can sit wherever you want, and you don’t have to order food.  If you want to spend $6 on a glass of wine, you can.  If you want to spend $20 on a glass of wine, you can.”  ! While the Must will bill itself as an establishment without a theme, Den Haan and Thomas have planned special events to entertain patrons throughout the week.   Sunday night is game night, with Jenga, Connect Four and other fa- vorites.   Magic Mondays will feature supper and magicians.   And a monthly event called Dinner in the Dark will offer diners a guided four- or five-course meal with food and wine or beer pairings to enjoy while they are blindfolded.  ! Soon after they’re opening wi Ѡ䁅ȁ́ѡɕхɅЁݥ)ͼȁݕ䁱չݕչQ5Ёݥɥ)ɥɕхɅЁٽɥѕ́ѡՙɹѕȀͅݥɥ)ɥЁѕȁ́͡ݥѠє)ͅՍeȁ5é ɽѕձݥѠɹ͠ͽ)!ɝȁ!Ȱɕєȵݸɥ͔ͅݥ ()Q܁ɕ܁ ݡ͡ɕ́ѡݹϊdՕ́qͽѠ)ɸӊtɥt́ͼɥ܁́͡Ց ɹх)MɓéA!͠A̰ ͍ե́ݥѠI啐Ʌ䁅յ)ٕхɥٕѥ́ѡ Ё1()ݹѽݸɕ͕ٕͥ́́Ё݅ЁѼѡܽ͡)չȁѡ܁ɽ=ȁٽɥєɡЁ́ݥѠѡ)͵ 䁅Iɥ́5UMPȁݹѽݸ1̸́((+q9ѕȁ)́ѡɔ)ɔݹѽݸ)ѡɔ́ٽѡ)ѡ)5Ёݥ()t(()IQ)Q!5UMP(܁]ѽMɕ)1̰́ (̀)ܹѡй