DTLA LIFE MAG #1 | JANUARY 2014 - Page 20

SHOPPING The 36 Reasons to Shop DTLA! Shopping in Downtown Los Angeles? Macy’s Plaza, sure. FIGat7th, yes, but what about some boutiques, unique to the city? Believe it or not, there are more than three dozen independent retailers offering con- temporary apparel and accessories, including cus- tom and designer pieces, vintage, sportswear as well as trendy club-gear. social club concierges and the stores themselves could give more people access to the information. The real challenge has been finding them! This past fall, Kuo Yang, owner of Brigade LA and oneone77 creative studio funded, designed and published a map in his store’s Fall/Winter 2013 look book, detail- ing the offerings and locations of these fresh voices. He then made it available as a downloadable PDF so that the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, Councilman Huizar’s office, the Business Improve- ment Districts, apparel marts, AEG, hotel/condo/ www.oneone77.com/DTLARetailMap! ! ! At last, the territory has been mapped, but it’s ever- expanding. The map will be updated every six months to chronicle the latest entries into this dy- namic shopping scene. What you want is right here! ! ! ! by Cinnia Finder cinnia@thefinfergroup.com cinniafinfer.com www.brigadela.com