DTLA LIFE MAG #1 | JANUARY 2014 - Page 18

URBAN OUTFITTERS Urban Outfitters relights the Historic Rialto Theater Marquee located at 810 S Broadway, the two-story Urban Out- fitters Rialto Theater serves a pertinent role in revitalizing Downtown Los Angeles. Since it announced it would be coming to Broadway, the community has eagerly watched the progression of the renovation. “The Rialto movie palace building still has incredible character you can feel the history when you are there. Urban is excited to be on Broadway and to be part of the revitalization,” said John Hauser, Urban Outfitters Chief Executive Officer of Brand Experience. And now that it opens its doors, Downtowners fit perfectly the style and life or the retailer. Broadway’s theaters district is becoming more and more a destination for all. Looking forward to the arrival of the new Broad- way Streetcar to continue to revive our historic city center. ! URBAN OUTFITTERS 810 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90014 213 627 3231 www.urbanoutfitters.com