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Introduction The DrPH Student Plan is the document that both advisors and students will use to guide the student during graduate studies in the School of Community Health and Policy’s Public Health Program. The plan should reflect the review and results of a self- assessment by the student regarding professional goals, knowledge, skills, strengths and areas that require improvement. Every student must have an approved plan. When the advisor and student have reached clarity about the professional goals of the student, a set of measurable objectives should be developed along with a timeline. The advisor and student are now ready to develop the student plan. The student plan will consist of documentation of the following: 1) number of credits to be taken; 2) coursework to be taken; 3) Core Competency Examination timeline; 4) concentration area 5) internship plan, and 6) capstone/dissertation plan. To assist in developing the student plan, the following information regarding the DrPH Program and its requirements are provided in the following pages: The Doctor of Public Health degree program provides students with problem solving, analytical, program planning, policy development, communication, research, and cultural sensitivity skills as well as competencies in the development and implementation of health promotion and disease prevention programs for community health behavioral change. The program, which educates public health practitioners to address and solve contemporary health problems of urban populations, is also committed to increasing and validating the body of knowledge required for public health research and practice. Dissertation Students become eligible to begin the dissertation process once they have successfully passed the Core Competency Exam and have completed all required courses. The Public Health Program requires that students enroll in a minimum of 12 dissertation credits: Dissertation Seminar (6 credits) and two semesters of Dissertation Guidance (6 credits). Dissertation Seminar and Guidance cannot be taken in the same semester. DrPH candidates that begin the dissertation process must be continuously enrolled at the University until the degree requirements are satisfied. Once the Public Health Program’s minimum six credits of Dissertation Guidance is obtained, enrollment may be satisfied by being registered for Dissertation Guidance or Research Seminar. [Note: Refer to the Graduate Studies catalog to review this information as well.] Credit Requirements Each student will work with an advisor to develop the number of credits portion of the DrPH Student Plan during the first semester. Students not having an MPH degree will be required to complete the MPH level core courses prior to taking the DrPH core. The number of core MPH courses needed may be reduced based on the review of the student’s transcripts. 1. Total minimum program credits required for the DrPH degree for students with previous relevant coursework (Master’s Degree) = 60 credits. MSU School of Community Health and Policy Academic Policies and Procedures Handbook- DrPH Curriculum 2