DrPH Curriculum - Page 10

Other Important Information Course Offering Time All courses are generally held from 6pm-9pm Monday-Thursday during the fall and spring semester at the School of Community Health and Policy Public Health Program, but instruction may occur on Fridays and Saturdays. Course Evaluation At the end of each semester, students are asked to complete detailed course evaluations for each course in which they were enrolled. Students should take the time to complete the evaluation candidly and honestly as this tool will be utilized to insure the quality of the academic program and make appropriate changes where needed. The Bear Necessities Card All Morgan State University students must retain on their person a valid University Identification Card (BNC) when conducting University business. Students must present their Bear Necessity Card upon request to utilize University services (Parking, Building access, Library use, Shuttle rides, etc.). In addition to serving as an ID card, the BNC can be used as a Debit Card to make purchases on campus. Once a BNC account is established with PNC Bank and funds have been deposited into it, students need not use cash for University goods and services. It is particularly important to retain the ID card here at Portage. The BNC provides access to the building through a card swipe system. For those who purchase access to the Portage Parking Lot, it is the mechanism of entry as well. Bear Necessity Cards are issued at the time of course registration at no charge. While damaged cards will be replaced free of charge, there is a charge ($25.00) for the replacement of lost cards. Bear Necessity Card processing takes place at the BNC Center, which is located in the Montebello Complex, D-Wing - Room 128. Computer Lab/Copying/Internet Access The Public Health Program is equipped with a computer lab with o