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Classified advertising | Services a secure foundation for your future ‘OVER A DECADE OF HELPING PEOPLE MOVE FROM DEPENDENCE TO INDEPENDENCE’ Intuitive Thinking Skills are a unique, peer led organisation that employs people with relevant lived-in experience to develop and deliver courses across a number of public sectors nationally. Intuitive Recovery® – Education as a means to gain lifelong abstinence. Skills-Tu Employment® – Challenging attitudinal dependence towards benefits. With over 100 years collective experience in advising providers of health and social care, Ridouts is uniquely placed to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome wherever you are in the UK. +44 (0) 207 317 0340 www.ridout-law.com This end’s here® – Domestic Abuse course designed to completely alter the beliefs that underpin the use of control and violence within a relationship. Enough’s enough® – Domestic Abuse course for people who have suffered from control and violence in their relationships and providing powerful move-on tools. I-D.E.A.S – Modular, rolling educational sessions tailor made to meet the needs of the individual and of the local partnership. Thinking Community® – Understanding and improving community engagement. KIT Training® – Workforce development. For more information visit our website at www.intuitivethiningskills.com or phone 0800 069 9198 THE SPECIALISTS IN ATTITUDE CHANGE Look out for Purple Camels! Purple Camel is a range of environmentally-friendly projects that build on our successfully established Recovery through Nature project and our continuing contributions to Phoenix Forests in England and Scotland. These projects bring people together to take part in activities that help individuals, the wider community and our shared environment. Everyone benefits and everyone can get involved! Get involved We’ll be launching our first Purple Camel project very soon! You can get involved so look out for updates at www.phoenix-futures.org.uk and facebook and twitter. Registered charity number 284880 (England and Wales) and SCO39008 (Scotland) 18 | drinkanddrugsnews | April 2018