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MEET STACY, Colle ge Tra c k DREA M e r My family migrated to the United States from Durango, Mexico two weeks before Christmas and two weeks after my mom turned 21. There I was, three years old, boarding a plane to go to a place that would “give me a better life.” Fast forward to high school, and my classmates are applying for internships that would beef up their college applications. I, however, could not apply without receiving this familiar rejection; “these paid internships are for U.S citizens only.” Despite all my hard work, my opportunities were limited by my legal status. The moment I set foot into College Track, they flew me to San Francisco for a student DREAMer event to learn more about our legal status and how to own our stories as immigrants. For the first time since moving to America, I felt empowered and unstoppable. College Track gave me the support and confidence to know I have a voice, that it’s a powerful and brave act to share my story and fight for my right to a college education. I finished high school with a renewed pride for my language, my culture, and my identity -- instead of resentment for it. I am the first in my family to graduate high school and plan to be the first in my family to earn a four-year degree. Knowing that the sacrifice my mom has made and continues to make will not be in vain, and knowing that I will work hard to earn my college degree, makes me whole, makes me proud, makes me strong. My future is bright.