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how to register Winter registration dates: Residents: Monday, December 10 Non-residents: Monday, December 17 Classes begin Monday, January 7 Registrations which are received before the above dates will be held and processed on the day after registration begins. 1. Walk-in Leisure Center, 2222 Birch Street Monday– Friday 8:30a–5:00p Prairie Lakes, 515 E. Thacker Street Monday– Friday 5:30a–10:30p Saturday 7:30a–7:00p Sunday 7:30a–5:00p Please bring proof of residency. Your registration will be time-stamped in the order received. 2. Drop-off Leisure Center, 2222 Birch Street Hours: Monday– Friday 7:00a–9:30p Saturday 8:30a– 6:00p Sunday 1:00 – 6:00p A drop-off slot is located to the right of the receptionist counter. Please, no cash payments. Registrations are processed Monday– Friday. Drop-off registration is also accepted at Prairie Lakes Community Center, during their regular business hours. (Page 36) General Information Registration & fee information for all Des Plaines residents All residents of the City of Des Plaines, regardless of whether or not you live within the boundaries of the park district, pay the resident rate for programs, special events, daily admissions, and memberships. Please note that residents of the city who live outside of the park district boundaries still register beginning the second week of registration (with non-residents) as a courtesy to the residents whose taxes help support the Des Plaines Park District. Resident rates for Facility Rentals only apply to residents and businesses within the park district boundaries. A map of the park district boundaries is on our website, and at all facilities. Registration: The Basics Mail completed forms and payment to: Registration Des Plaines Park District 2222 Birch Street Des Plaines, IL 60018 1. If the program you choose if filled, you will automatically be put on a waiting list. We will notify you by phone or email. 2. If an opening in the activity occurs, you will be notified; only then will payment be processed. 3. If the program cancels or changes, we will contact you by phone. Payment will be refunded or applied to any outstanding balance you have. 4. All registrations must be completed on a registration form, and the waiver signed. 5. Registrations received before the registration date will be held and processed on the day after registration begins. 4. Fax About Non-resident Program Fees 3. Mail-in Fax the completed registration form to 847-391-5707 with your complete credit card information. Please be aware: if you are registering online or via fax, your online or facsimile signature shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as an original form signature. A non-resident of the City of Des Plaines will pay up to 25% more than the resident rate for most programs & facilities. A non-resident can choose to pay an annual fee of $200, which will provide them with a “Resident Status” card, valid for one year from the date of purchase. 5. Online Registration Additional Payment Information Begins at 12:01a on 12/10 for residents, and 12:01a on 12/17 for non-residents. 1. The park district reserves the right to change a payment fee in order to reflect the correct fee. 2. A $25 service charge is assessed on all checks returned due to insufficient funds. Registration forms and details are in this Spectrum, at our facilities, and on our website, DPParks.org. Questions? Program scholarships are available for individuals unable to afford program fees. Scholarship requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to all program registration. An approved scholarship is required for camp registration at a reduced fee. Approved scholarship applications do not guarantee acceptance into programs; all general registration procedures should be followed. Scholarship applications may be obtained at the Leisure Center or Prairie Lakes Community Center during business hours, via download from DPParks.org, or by calling 847-391-5711. Additional scholarships are provided by the Des Plaines Friends of the Parks. See page 49. Senior Discounts All Senior Citizens 60 years or older receive a 25% discount on classes and programs unless otherwise specified. This discount is not applicable for trips, discounted programs, and contractual classes. Identification is required at time of registration. Proof of Park District Residency These forms of ID are valid to establish current residency: voter registration card, driver’s license, utility or phone bill, or tax statement showing taxes paid to the Des Plaines Park District. Park District Boundaries The district’s boundaries do not match the those of the City of Des Plaines. Please call 847-391-5700 for boundary information. Errors and Adjustments Errors in fees and schedules sometimes occur in our publications, and need to be corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience that these changes may cause. Photography/Video Policy Photographs and videos are periodically taken of participants at park district (DPPD) facilities and programs. Participants grant permission to the DPPD to photograph and/ or video tape them, their child and/or ward, and to use such photos and videos on its website, its social media sites, in its printed publications, and in news releases without further consideration. Behavior and Discipline Call 847-391-5700 or 847-391-5711 46 Scholarship Information www.DPParks.org Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. The complete park district Behavior/Discipline Policy #A-24 is on our website: DPParks.org