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Yoga & Deep STretching C AN’T COMMIT TO AN ENTIRE SESSION? You can Pay As You Go! $10 per class at the door for any of our Specialty Fitness Classes, including Yoga. Yoga Classes Please bring a yoga mat with you to class. A yoga block and strap are also helpful. Do not purchase yoga supplies until you have received confirmation of placement in class. Intermediate Beginner to Advanced Namaste Come and join us for our FREE WEEK of FITNESS! Come in and try out a class for free the week of December 30 –January 5 Interested in taking a new class to see what it is all about or are you just getting active again and want to test the waters. Don't miss out on getting fit with us. Look for our class schedule in December. 78 o h f itness pen A ouse f amily F un, F itness & W ellness d ay S ATURDAY, JANUARY 5 9:00a—noon At the Open House you can enjoy • Free fitness and cycling classes • Free all-day use of the Fitness Center • Free all-day use of racquetball courts • Personal Trainers to answer questions • Fitness orientations and assessments ...and much more! At the Wellness Fair families can enjoy • Fun fitness activities • A Bounce House for kids • Carnival games and an agility course • Free blood pressure screening • Affordable immunizations • Eye consultations ...and much more! This Vinyasa Flow yoga class links yoga posses to breath. The focus is on enhancing strength, balance, and flexibility. The pace is moderate, but options are offered to take poses to an intermediate level. The class concludes with poses that make you feel calm, balanced, and renewed! Some beginner experience recommended. ss Min/Max: 12/25 Laura Feldman, Instructor Prairie Lakes, Mountain View Rooms 2 & 3 8 weeks Mondays, 6:30–7:30p 1/7–2/25 R: $64/NR: $80 #456071-1 Sorry, no senior discount. Not a Group Fitness class Chair Yoga If you want to take Yoga, but cannot get up and down from the floor easily, then this class is made just for you! Anyone experiencing a loss or lack of flexibility will appreciate this class. We start with breathing techniques, followed by stretches, strength building and balance, all in the comfort of a chair. ss Min/Max: 8/25 Lisa Kelley, Instructor Prairie Lakes, Multi-purpose Rooms 1 & 2 8 weeks Mondays, 5:30 – 6:30p 1/7–3/25 R: $96/NR: $120 #456076-1 Not a Group Fitness class Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa yoga is a general term to describe yoga that syncs postures with breath. Students will flow through Sun Salutation series and gentle balancing poses. Expect these classes to be invigorating and rejuvenating all at the same time. ss Min/Max: 6/25 Trung Pham, Licensed Yoga Instructor Prairie Lakes, Multi-purpose Rooms 1 & 2 12 weeks Wednesdays, 5:30–6:30p 1/9–3/27 R: $96/NR: $120 #456075-1 Not a Group Fitness class Deep Stretching Deep Stretching is suitable for people with sciatica, back pain & injuries. Focuses are breathing techniques & alignment. Students will be holding postures for optimal body performance. Great for beginners and students seeking to deepen their practice. ss Min/Max: 6/25 Trung Pham, Licensed Yoga Instructor Prairie Lakes, Multi-purpose Rooms 1 & 2 12 weeks Tuesdays, 12:00–12:45p 1/8–3/26 R: $96/NR: $120 #456073-1 Wednesdays, 6:30–7:30p 1/9–3/27 R: $96/NR: $120 #456073-2 Not a Group Fitness class We have great jobs! GET FIT! 44 at the Des Plaines Park District Find yours at DPParks.org/jobs