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Draft DayS youth soccer • Grades 5–8 Grades 5 – 8 Players signed up for their specific school will check when their draft day is, and enjoy a fun filled night with music and soccer! Athletes will be evaluated and split into teams, based on the number of participants. D62 Competitive MIDDLE SCHOOL Soccer League Chippewa & Cumberland 8 weeks Chris Poole, Program Coordinator Tuesday, March 19 Grades 5 – 8 • 3:15 – 4:45p Algonquin & Forest Thursday, March 21 Grades 5 – 8 • 3:15 – 4:45p Iroquois Monday, April 1 Grades 5 – 8 • 3:00 – 4:30p Players who would like to be on the same team can request ONLY 1 friend to be on the same team with. Both players need to request each other. (Prairie Lakes Community Center front desk has request forms) practice DayS All teams practice on Wednesdays. Practice times are determined by the coach’s availability. Practices begin no earlier than 3:00p and end no later than 4:45p. Chippewa & Cumberland Chippewa Park Field Grade Code 5 & 6 549012-­1 7 & 8 549017-­1 Algonquin & Forest Algonquin Field Grade Code 5 & 6 549012-­2 7 & 8 549017-­2 Iroquois Iroquois Field Grade Code 5 & 6 549012-­3 7 & 8 549017-­3 R EGISTRATION F EE $90 • Min/Max: 8/13 Includes a complete uniform. Online registration ends at 5:00p on April 1 Scholarships are available through: The Des Plaines Friends of the Parks. Call for information: Trish, 847-391-5700 24 April 1—May 25 The District 62 Competitive Middle School Soccer Leagues are our house 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade leagues, redesigned to run at your child's the middle school. Practices will be held immediately following dismissal, on the school's soccer fields, and all games will be played on Saturdays on the fields at Prairie Lakes Community Center. The league will be gender specific and age appropriate. (Given the number of participants.) The competitive aspect of this league includes your child representing their school as they play against the other D62 Middle Schools. By joining this league your child will now get to be more involved with their school, stay active, and play in a positive environment. Parents will have no concerns about transportation to practice, they'll know their kids are safe, active, learning good sportsmanship... and having fun! We're all looking forward to a great season. cp Practices Practices will include a compilation of drills and games that focus on developing skills and building team chemistry. All practices will take place at your child’s school, once a week on Wednesdays between 3:00 – 4:45p. Please Note: Activity bus leaves at 4:00p, players will have the option to leave practice early and utilize the activity bus or be picked up by their parents after practice. Games Games are scheduled from April 6 – May 25, on Saturdays at Prairie Lakes Fields hourly from 9:00am–11:00a, depending on the number of teams. Uniforms All players will receive a full set uniform (jersey, shorts and socks) reflecting their school colors. Picture Day Picture day will be announced after the first week of games.