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fun for kids & teens Coding: Basic Training Computer Explorers TechStars ™ provides cutting edge programs designed around 21st Century Learning. Their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) initiatives, and Next Generation Science Standards use software, apps, supporting peripherals and proper instruction to fully engage the student. These programs enhance and extend a student's academic readiness, help them develop problem-solving expertise and creativity, while practicing team-building. Ages 5 –7 In this course we’ll learn to think like a computer, using a visual block programming language created just for kids by MIT. Young learners will work on thinking creatively, problem-solving and collaboration. Watch our characters move, jump, dance and come to life. mh Min/Max: 6/10 4 Weeks Prairie Lakes Mountain View 3 Tuesdays, 6:00 –7:00p 1/22–2/12 R: $68/NR: $85 #455310-1 Robot Engineers Ages 7–12 Students work in teams, learning about pulleys, gears, levers and more as they build and program their robotic creations using the LEGO® WeDo Robotics System. mh Min/Max: 6/12 4 Weeks Rosemont Park District Tuesdays, 6:00 –7:15p 2/19 –3/12 R: $85/NR: $106 #455307-1 Lights, Camera…Superheroes Ages 8 –12 Villains won’t stand a chance when we team up your crime fighting Superheroes! Join us as we summon writer, directors and editor to make our own super movie. Working in teams to create our own story and script, create your own background scenes and film our own movie, using your own characters, we’ll help to stop crime in our movie city. All students will get a copy of their movie for home screenings, after class is complete. mh Min/Max: 6/12 4 Weeks Prairie Lakes Mountain View 3 Tuesdays, 6:00 –7:10p 3/19 – 4/9* R: $85/NR: $106 #555307-1 *No class 3/26 Gears, Gears, Gears!!! 20 Ages 4 – 6 Explore gears using LEGO®, as we work in teams of 2 and find out how gears help make the world turn. We’ll make projects that crank, mesh, pump, push, pull, tug or grind. All of which turn out to be very useful simple machines. mh Min/Max: 6/12 4 Weeks Rosemont Park District Tuesdays, 6:00 –7:00p 4/23–5/14 R: $68/NR: $85 #555312-1 Kids Can Cook! Ages 8 –14 Our favorite Chef, Ron Wells, brings his Memphis roots and easy-going style to these very popular classes. Under his expert guidance, you’ll learn the proper ways to cook grains, eggs, and meats. Chef includes great ‘pro tips’ on seasonings as well, to bring out all of the flavors in every dish you create. Classes are hands-on, so you really get a feel for working in the kitchen. There's a different menu each time: Register for all 3 and receive a $15 discount! Parents are welcome to stay and watch. cy Min/Max: 6/12 Chef Ron Wells, Instructor Prairie Lakes, Mountain View Kitchen Saturday, 11:00a–1:00p 1/12 R: $45/NR: $55 #465060-1 Saturday, 11:00a–1:00p 2/9 R: $45/NR: $55 #465060-2 Saturday, 11:00a–1:00p 3/16 R: $45/NR: $55 #465060-3 Teen Cycling Ages 13–17 A cycling class geared towards teens looking to stay physically fit and work hard. Fun music and an energetic instructor. ss Min/Max: 5/12 Kendra Kelly, Certified Cycling Instructor Prairie Lakes, Cycling Room 10 weeks Saturdays, 10:00–10:30a 1/12–3/23* R: $50/NR: $60 #462665-7 *No class 2/2 Zumba Kids ® Ages 7–11 Zumba Kids fuses dance, music and exercise into a fun, healthy program to help kids develop a healthy lifestyle and make fitness a natural part of their life. It is based on the Zumba ® Fitness concept and is 100% kid friendly. Zumba Kids considers the whole child and includes learning, leadership, respect, team work, pride, confidence, responsibility, coordination, balance, discipline, memory, and creativity. It includes dance routines, games, exercise and pure fun! Kids should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. ss Min/Max: 7/18 Lisa Carbello, Licensed Zumba ® Kids Instructor Prairie Lakes, Aerobics Studio 6 weeks Tuesdays, 4:30 –5:15a 2/5 –3/19* R: $36/NR: $45 #462984-1 *No class 3/5