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Birthday parties • Ages 3–10 Theme Parties Here are some of our favorite birthday party ideas. If your child has a special cartoon character, animal, dinosaur, book, movie, or holiday that they just love, let us create the birthday party of their dreams. Just invite the guests, we’ll do the rest! Celebrate and Create Party For artists of all ages and abilities. Your guests will make an age-appropriate, personalized art project based on your child’s interests. We are ready with paint, glue, and glitter! Kreative Kitchen Party Ages 6–10 A deliciously good time! Participants enjoy cooking and crafts. First, each child will decorate their own chef’s hat and then it’s off to the kitchen to mix, blend, sift, and create a delicious treat. Have fun and leave the mess with us! Magic Show (R: $275/NR: $355) Make your birthday party entertaining, and memorable with incredible magic. You and your guests will enjoy vanishing acts, card tricks, mind reading and much more! All shows are interactive: your child will come up on stage and become a junior magician. Magic show lasts 30–45 minutes. Balloon Animal parties are also available. Superhero Training Camp Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next super hero? We will learn to leap tall buildings. We’ll brush up on our detective skills, search for the Joker, and earn our cape. Every child decorates his own superhero cape. Super Spy Each guest will become a secret agent. Your mission is to solve a mystery. Along with games to sharpen skills of deduction, this party is sure to keep you guessing: Who done it? Princess or Knight or Pirate Party Roll out the red carpet! Our royalty will create crowns and jewel encrusted scepters, and play games in an imaginary forest. Games & More Ages 3–10 Our party expert will play sports and games using balls, hula hoops, scooters, parachutes, and other gym equipment. Games and sports are tailored to the birthday child’s age. It’s fun for all! Parties at the Leisure Center Game Room Party Ages 8–10 Host your party in the Game Room at the Leisure Center! You and your guests will have exclusive use of the Air Hockey and Electronic Basketball games, and the Jumpin’ Fantasy Exergame. Plus, the PS4 and Xbox 360 games are here just for you and your friends to enjoy. It’s your own personal arcade! Ultimate Games & Sports Ages 6–10 Only on Sundays at the Leisure Center. This is the perfect party for young sports fans who always have energy to spare. Kids will have lots of time in our gym to play sports and games, and plenty of time to celebrate as well. Come pumped up, leave happy & tired! PARTY! What Makes a Great Party ? It’s unique and exciting! Everyone participates and has fun! You don’t have to clean up! It’s affordable! If you are looking to give your child the coolest birthday party ever, call the Des Plaines Park District. Let our party experts take the hassle out of the planning and handle every detail. You can choose from one of our themes or let us create something especially tailored to your child’s individual interests. Birthday Party Info Fee: R: $200/NR: $250, unless noted. Each additional child is $8. Includes: Party activities, games, two party experts, a table for presents, plates, napkins, utensils & cleanup. Location: Cumberland Terrace Fieldhouse, 426 S. Warrington (at Washington Street), except Leisure Center Parties as noted. Ages: 3–10 Time: 2 hours, including 90 minutes of planned activities. Additional hours can be added to any birthday party package, for $50/hour. Min/Max: Includes up to 15 children and 4 adults, with a maximum of 25 children. Days: Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on availability. Book your party early! Payments: Balance is due upon Birthday Party booking. Booking: Contact Cindy Yelich at 847-391-5711 or cyelich@dpparks.org Additional: Please call for pricing for gift bags, food, or customized parties. 15