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aquatics swim lessons • exercise national pool & waterpark lifeguard training course Ages 15+ Have you got what it takes to join our Platinum Award Winning park district lifeguard team? Get ready for summer by preparing for a job that is both challenging and rewarding! At the completion of this course, successful lifeguard candidates are eligible to be fully licensed through the popular Jeff Ellis and Associates, Inc. Program. (www.jellis. com). This nationally recognized course includes extensive training in water safety and rescue techniques, CPR, First Aid, AED certification, and oxygen support training. Internet access is required to take the book and test portion of this course, which must be completed prior to the class. mh Prerequisites • 15 years of age or older by June 1, 2019 • Tread water for 1 minute using legs only. • Swim 100 yards continuously, using front crawl or breast stroke. • Retrieve a 10 lb brick from a depth of 12 feet, and swim to the side. Min/Max: 6/30 DPPD Staff, Instructors Lifeguard class fees A) New candidates: R/NR: $50 B) Returning lifeguards: R/NR: $25 3/22 Friday, 6:00 –9:00p Prairie Lakes, Prairie Room Saturday, 9:00a–5:00p 3/23 Sunday, 9:00a–5:00p 3/24 Rosemont Pool Codes: A) #467109-1 • B) #467109-2 4/26 Friday, 6:00 –9:00 Prairie Lakes, Prairie Room Saturday, 9:00a–5:00p 4/27 Sunday, 9:00a–5:00p 4/28 Rosemont Pool Codes: A) #567109-1 • B) #567109-2 5/17 Friday, 6:00 –9:00p Prairie Lakes, Prairie Room Saturday, 9:00a–5:00p 5/18 Sunday, 9:00a–5:00p 5/19 Rosemont Pool Codes: A) #567109-3 • B) #567109-4 Parent/tot: • Ages 6 months–3 years Basic water adjustment and swimming skills are introduced through songs and games. The primary focus of this class is to make your child feel comfortable in the water with you. Preschool • Ages 3–5 years We offer two levels of our popular preschool swim program. Parents are not in the water during these classes. Children will not be moved to Level 1 until they turn 6 years old. • Preschool 1: Guppy This program is geared toward children who have no previous experience and/or are apprehensive in the water. Through songs and games our instructors introduce your child to the fun world of swimming. • Preschool 2: Minnow This program is best suited to children who have previous swimming experience and no fear of the water. Basic swimming skills are incorporated through songs and games. Level 1 skills are introduced. Level 1: Starfish Introduction to Water Skills Helps students feel comfortable in the water using basic swimming and water safety skills. Level 2: Goldfish Fundamental Aquatic Skills This class introduces the basics of swimming including floating without support, combined arm and leg action and forward motion. Level 3: Jellyfish Stroke Development Building on the basics from Level 2, students learn coordination of the front and back crawl, introduction to butterfly, treading water and beginning head first entry. Level 4: Dolphin Stroke Improvement Level 4 helps to develop confidence in the strokes learned in previous levels, continued focus to improve strokes and increase endurance. Basics of turning at the wall are introduced. Level 5: Whale On your mark... Get set... Take your place on the Park District Warriors Swim Team! For everyone ages 5 –18 The Warriors are the 2018 NISC Division 4 Champions, and we’re aiming for more in 2019. This semi-competitive swimming program puts the emphasis on learning competition skills, enjoying the sport, and promoting a lifelong participation in swimming. Team members need to have basic abilities before joining, including floating, swimming 25 yards of the pool (untimed and unassisted), and being comfortable in deep water. Winter is the perfect time to get your swimming skills in shape for this fun summer activity; check out our upper level swim lessons on page 11! Register in the spring. Read more now on our website page at DPParks.org. Additional classes in June & July are on our website: DPParks.org. 10 Group lessons for ages 6 and older Stroke Refinement Participants refine their performance of all the stokes-front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke and increase their distance. Flip turns are also introduced. Level 6: Shark Swimming and Skill Proficiency In this level, swimmers continue to refine all six strokes so students swim them with ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances. ADULT SWIM LESSONS Ages 15+ You’re never too old to learn how to swim! Our patient and helpful staff can eliminate unnecessary fears as they teach the basic strokes. Discover just how relaxing and physically rewarding swimming can be! mh Min/Max: 5/10 Rosemont Pool DPPD Staff, Instructors 8 weeks Saturdays, 9:15 –10:00a 1/19 –3/9 R: $52/NR: $65 #467021-3 SWIM LESSONS SAVE LIVES. Congratulations to the 2018 NISC Division 4 Champions! Our expert swim instructors can help you eliminate unnecessary fear of the water. Swim safely and have more fun!