DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 8

DOZ Leadership Lessons Eturuvie Erebor J.K ROWLING J .K Rowling needs no introduction, but for those who don’t know the woman behind Harry Porter, J.K Rowling was born Joanne Rowling on the 31st of July 1965. She writes using the pen names J.K Rowling and Robert Galbraith. She wrote the Harry Porter series. She is a novelist, film producer, television producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist. In 1990, while on a delayed train from Manchester to London, she conceived the idea of a young boy attending a school of wizardry which would lead to the Harry Porter book series. She had just left her job with Amnesty International where she had worked as a researcher and bilingual secretary and was working at the Chamber of Commerce. Her dream did not DOZ Magazine | May 2019 materialise immediately. She would wait seven years to see it manifest, but in 1997, the first novel in the series, titled, Harry Porter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released. During this seven years of waiting J.K Rowling would have many experiences in her life, she would lose her mother, give birth to her daughter, get a divorce from her first husband, lose her job and experience poverty. It has been suggested that she suffered domestic abuse in her marriage and clinical depression afterward to the point of being suicidal. Her manuscript was also rejected by twelve publishing houses before publication. The book excelled on release even winning several awards. She wrote and released the second in what was to become a book series with 8 seven titles. In October 1998, the film rights to her first two novels were acquired by Warner Bros for a seven-figure sum. Since then she has written and released five other Harry Porter titles the last being Harry Porter and the Deadly Hallows, which was released in 2007. With the Harry Porter series completed, she released other novels under the pen name Robert Galbraith. J.K Rowling went from rags to riches; she once lived on state benefits but has made her mark as the world’s first billionaire author. Although she lost her billionaire status when she gave most of her wealth to charity, she remains a very wealthy woman by any standard and is rated one of the wealthiest people alive.