DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 36

DOZ CHRONICLES: RUKI Eturuvie Erebor An excerpt from the novel, DOZ Chronicles: Ruki, by Eturuvie Erebor. Available on Amazon. …continued from the last issue. T here is no problem my brother; this young lady you see here is our daughter.Then he proceeded to tell the man who my father was. The man knew my father so he relaxed immediately and greeted me warmly, but the expression on his face revealed he was still confused about my indecent dressing and why Uncle Akpo would let me accompany him dressed as I was. Uncle Akpo was not ready to explain further and he changed the subject altogether. Some other men appeared who were also wearing the Urhobo traditional attire, and both men had to cut short their discussion to greet them. These men also sent curious glances my way but said nothing. It was pure humiliation. Finally, we all made our way upstairs to the suite where the meeting was to be held. These kinsmen, who were the wealthiest in my DOZ Magazine | May 2019 clan, had decided to hold a meeting because another kinsman had returned from Canada after thirty years, and they wanted to find out how they could help him. The kinsman in question, Edafe, had gone to university in Canada as a young man, thirty years ago, and after his education stayed back and married a Canadian woman. Recently the marriage had hit the rocks and the woman had sued for divorce and taken the children and almost everything Edafe had worked for, leaving him no choice but to return to Nigeria to start afresh. His kinsmen, who heard of his plight, decided to come to his aid by contributing money to enable him start a business of his choice. It was for this reason that eight of them including Uncle Akpo had come to meet with him at the Airport Hotel where he had put up upon his arrival in Nigeria. 36