DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 33

some kind of misunderstanding. We were surely making a trip in the middle of the night, for no reason. Inwardly, I began to pray; but doubts kept coming in my mind. This wasn’t happening. This was a bad dream! We were jolted into reality when we arrived at the hospital. The accident did involve Rachel. She had been spending the night with a friend, and, in opposition to her instructions, the girls had gone for a ride with her friend’s boyfriend. Her condition was very grim! When we saw her, the bottom fell out of our beautiful world! She lay in intensive care, with tubes coming out of her everywhere. Her head was so swollen, and her eyes protruded, resembling frogs eyes. The prognosis was not a matter of anything we had even imagined. “She probably will die, or, if she lives, she will be brain injured and blind!” Of course, we all clung to life! Trying to console our daughter and husband was impossible. The anguish was just too great for all of us. Then, there were the siblings. This was too much of a trauma for them to have to go through. I didn’t feel that I could hardly survive this, having lost our only son, in a car accident, many years before. Only by God’s grace, did Rachel survive. All things DO work for good to those who love God, to those who are called, according to His purpose! The accident was October 30th l994. Rachel was eventually moved to a different hospital where she could undergo therapy, and she needed someone with her at all times. Our daughter, who is a nurse, was forced to go back to work after a couple of months. I took her place at the hospital the five days a week that she had to work. God is so good. The recovery was a long time of testing. Rachel was released from the hospital sometime in April, nearly six months after the accident. When she went home, she still did not know her own mother. There have been years of struggle for the family. Today, God has seen fit to touch Rachel to a great degree. Yes, she is totally blind but has made giant steps towards living a normal life. She is now 29 years old. She lives in a home by herself, and maintains a job at the North Iowa Vocational. There are great hopes that she will soon have a job in the community. The greatest blessing to a Grandma’s heart is Rachel’s deep faith in her Savior. She often shames the rest of us in her openness, speaking for her Lord, thanking Him for the assurance of His love and care for her. Our God is so faithful! If you are facing a tragedy, never cease to cling to Him. God is still the miracle worker! His ways are not our ways. I’ve experienced both of God’s choices, and I want you to know that God is faithful! Whatever way He chooses is the best. He is there to strengthen us through whatever we must face. What a wonderful Savior! An elderly Christian who has learned to depend upon the Lord. He is sufficient to meet our needs in any circumstance of life. I only want to honor Him DREAMS ALSO CAN BE DASHED! ABOUT 2:00 IN THE MORNING, WE WERE AWAKENED BY THE HONKING OF A CAR HORN AND FLASHING LIGHTS! 33 DOZ Magazine | May 2019