DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 32

Dreams Realized- Dreams Dashed S ometimes, dreams truly come true! After many years of farming and living in a house where the wind blew the curtains; after several months of gruelling labour, we were finally in our new, beautiful home! Everything was in place on the main floor. The pictures were hung on the walls. There were new carpets on the floors and new appliances, and new furniture. Yes, this was a dream come true! We had a good laugh, as we recalled the little house plan that we had drawn the first year we were married. We thanked God that we had not DOZ Magazine | May 2019 Verna Mull been able to build then! The third evening in this home, we jokingly talked about the fact that our telephone was the one thing we had not moved to the new home. This seemed like a short reprieve, as it seemed to ring so often. Everything seemed so peaceful for a change! Dreams also can be dashed! About 2:00 in the morning, we were awakened by the honking of a car horn and flashing lights! We quickly dressed and were informed by a neighbor, that our daughter had been trying to reach us, and, in desperation, 32 had called them. Our granddaughter, Rachel, was in serious condition, at the hospital 45 miles away. There had been a car accident. Of course, we headed for the hospital, many questions on our minds. How could this be Rachel? She was only 15, didn’t have a driver’s license and our grandkids were not allowed to be out that late, even the older ones. Our daughter is very excitable, perhaps it was one of the older grandkids, and she misspoke. But then, what difference would that make? The situation would be just as grim. This all had to be