DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 31

“I gave birth to five children. Five. You’d think one of them could take me in?” It was the same conversation each time we’d met. She was in anguish, and couldn’t accept that not one of her children had an interest in taking her in. “Mrs. King, you’ve so many people here who love you. You’re a special woman, the star of our facility. Isn’t that a good thing?” She nodded as she placed her cup on her bed table. “Not the same Chrissy. Not the same. I love you so much sweetie, and the people here have been so kind, but, not the same…” It broke my heart when I heard her laments, regardless of the frequency in which she’d express it. Three of the children lived out of state, and one lived in California. Only one child lived nearby and barely came to visit. It wasn’t an uncommon scenario with the individuals living at the facility. And, I never grew immune to the emotional angst of these beloved people I was blessed to serve. If I had, it would have been time for me to retire. “Well, Christmas is right around the corner. Will you be part of the choir again this year Mrs. King? I know so many of us look forward to hearing your angelic voice. Each year you bring the house down with your heartfelt renditions.” “I suppose I will. But, I have to keep calling my children to see who will take me in. I keep thinking when I call—Rosa, this is the day they’ll agree—But, it hasn’t happened yet.” She closed her eyes and didn’t say another word. She just sat perfectly still. “Are you okay?” She nodded. I waited awhile and went to her side, “Mrs. King? Are you sure you’re okay?” “Yes. I just got a word from the Lord. His word quickened in me…Oh, sweet Jesus!” I watched her through unshed tears that threatened to spill any moment. “I have to trust in God more than I have all these years. Yes, trust in the Lord with all my might and lean not on my own understanding, in all my ways acknowledge Him and He will direct my path!” I smiled at the familiar passage from Proverbs. “Don’t you get it? God just spoke to me…through that very passage. All along I’ve been trying to do the leg work and get one of my children to take me in. That was wrong. I need to let God take over. I have to resolve this inner control thing that I do with my life. I have to realize it’s up to Him. Not me!” “Amen.” I grabbed hold of her hand and repeated, “Amen.” “My resolution right this moment, and going forward, is to give it to God, not in name only, but in all I have and do. I’m not going to call my children anymore. I’ve been a darn old fool! I’m giving it to Jesus…” With that, she sobbed and repeated, “Thank You Jesus” over and over again. I felt the Spirit in Mrs. King’s room that beautiful day. And, I just knew that God would bring conviction to one of her children. I just knew it. It didn’t happen overnight. Christmas came, and not one of the children showed. But, Mrs. King never mentioned them anymore. She and I knew without uttering a word that one day God would intervene and bring His best-laid plans to light. One year and three months after that eventful day in Mrs. King’s room, Jillian and Carolyn came to visit their mother. Jillian was the one who lived in California, and Carolyn, the one who lived nearby. They both cried and asked their mom for forgiveness. Each one offered to take her home to live with them. She called me to her room after they’d left and grabbed hold of my hand. “Child, God is good, hmm-mmm.” “Yes, He is, all the time.” The room was filled with light and energy; it was amazing. “Mrs. King…have you decided what to do? “I have.” “And?” “I’m staying put.” Somehow I knew that’d be her response… *Based on a true story C D Swanson is an author of twenty books, a freelance writer, contributes to various magazines, written many articles, writes devotionals for various individuals and churches, and has her own website. She gladly writes for His glory. 31 DOZ Magazine | May 2019