DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 3

Editor’s Letter Dear Ladies, Welcome to May! We are right in the middle of spring, and I love it! I have said it before and will repeat it; this is my best time of the year! The month of April was excellent. I hosted the first edition of DOZ Live Inspirational Conference simply known as DOZ Live. It was a great conference and such a blessing to see my vision materialise. I am eternally grateful to all the women (and men) who played one role or the other in ensuring that my idea emerged powerfully. The speakers, Dr. Marsie Ross, Dr. Yolanda Jerry, and Philicia Baugh Pringle, were terrific. The singer, Sarah Wonders, was fantastic in the rendering of her song, Champions Anthem. The sponsor, Gee Patchett of Transformation Powerhouse was brilliant. A million kisses to all who helped. Now, I am back to the drawing board as I plan for DOZ Live December 2019. If you live in London, watch this space and get ready for the event of the decade. And if you don’t live in London, don’t despair, we plan to have the conference streamed live so you can watch it wherever you reside. In the last issue, we featured Uche Anyanwagu MD, Ph.D. under the DOZman Inspiration column. At the time we neglected to give proper credit for some of the photos published. Credit for Uche’s photos taken at the Diabetes Conference UK goes to the photographer, Philippa Gedge of Philippa Gedge Photography, You are reading DOZ Issue 43, May 2019, and you will be thrilled by all the stories. Our DOZ That Inspire You, for this issue is, Dr. Marsie Ross. As I already mentioned she was one of the speakers at DOZ Live and she is a brilliant speaker. She is also a pharmacist and the award- winning self-care crusader who established EdLyn Essentials. Marsie implores women to take charge of their happiness as she knows the catastrophic effects being ‘fake happy’ has on their health, career, relationships and everything else. Our DOZ Show Preferred Guest is Mrs. Florence Agbugui, and she shares a powerful testimony of her daughter’s cure of the dreadful sickle cell anaemia. Hers is an interview you want to read. And don’t stop at reading, please spread the word, and get in touch with her to see how you can support the fantastic work that they do (The Amanosi 5k Victory Walk / Run). You might save a life. “DOZ Chronicles: Ruki” continues in this issue. Do enjoy it. I look forward to seeing you next month. Blessings! 3 DOZ Magazine | May 2019