DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 29

think everything is okay when everything is not okay; hiding and suffering in silence. When you have a woman, who comes into the light, oh my gosh, it’s amazing. When you take a woman from A to B, no, when she takes herself because we do it together, but she has to decide first. And so when a woman decides to make self-care a priority and they connect with me, and I watch them become the person that they used to be, when they discover or re- discover themselves it makes it all worth it. It’s a beautiful thing, and so my programmes are actually tailor-made for women who have so much on their plate, woman who have kind of fully discovered themselves. Okay. Now, that we’re talking about rediscovering and redefining and all of that, what are some real-life strategies that you share with women who want to renew, rediscover and redefine what it means to be a boss, mum, wife and to live healthy and happy? So, my programmes are all about real life, right? So I already said that I wear as many hats as they can wear, as a mum, a sister, I’m the older child, I’m the daughter, I have a best friend, I have so many friends, clients, and so I’m all about real life strategies. I think that that is key and what I tell people is that there really are three steps; the first, that is key that sets the stage for everything, is to decide. And I was at a meeting two weeks ago, and I heard someone say something, and this stuck with me. He said wherever you go or find yourself in life; your mind got there first. So, it basically says you are where your mindset takes you. If you feel like you can’t do it then most probably you can’t do it. Wherever you go in life, your mind got there first and so when a woman decides that she deserves self-care, then that is the first step. That is the key thing that really prompts her to reach out to me. And so, I tell women, once they decide, that is everything. Because most of the time, we live with these blinders on, we’re so busy serving, serving, serving, that we don’t take care of ourselves. And so, deciding is key. After they decide, the next thing is to define what self-care means to them. It seems kind of intuitive, but it’s not, because most of the time like I said, women think self-care is getting their hair and their nails done or going on an occasional trip. They don’t really realise that self-care has nothing to do actually with your nutrition your diet or your supplement. Right? That’s just basic living. You do that so that you can survive. I don’t even think that’s self-care. Deciding to take action, to take care of yourself, yes, that’s part of self-care, but we should all be trying to eat right, we should all be trying to move daily, and we should all be taking our supplements. So that’s the basis of being healthy. Right? So, defining self-care, the process, it’s a process of discovery. So, I take them through that process, of defining what self-care means to them because self-care is different for every person. My self-care is not your self-care. My journey is not your journey. And so, with my programme, we actually take a woman on a journey to self-care and so deciding and then defining, and the last part of the process is committing. You have to commit to it because like I said, 29 the world keeps trying to take it away. The world will try to put something on your plate, and if you’re not grounded or committed to your self-care, you will gladly just scoop that self-care right on off your plate. Okay, I have room over here, I’ll give up my own in order to do this project or to advance my career or to take care of the house, or to take care of the children or to do something for my parents. And so committing to it is key and so that’s the real life strategy or the process that I take a woman through to really embrace her self-care without guilt or apology. Wonderful. Thank you, Marsie for talking with us, how can the readers contact you? I am on all things social media. I’m @Dr Marsie so you can find me on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, on Periscope, on YouTube, as @Dr Marsie. And if anyone wants to know about our coaching programme, I invite them to email me at readyththrive@drmarsie. com, and I do complimentary discovery calls if you want to talk about self-care you, want to do better, you’re ready to live healthy and happy, just email me and we can get you scheduled as soon as possible. And for a limited time, I am actually offering a four- week intensive private group coaching for just $497, and I wanted to offer this because so many women want to embrace self-care, but they just don’t know how. And our programmes are designed to help them get the help they need so that they can have sustainable success in their marriages, relationships, business and of course, in their health. DOZ Magazine | May 2019