DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 28

fictional character, she’s not real. We did not see her have a mortgage, a husband, children, go to the gym. We didn’t see her have to cook dinner, we didn’t see her do those things, and so that’s why I do not subscribe to the superwoman syndrome. And that’s why I call myself the self-care crusader and I’m trying to build an army of crusaders. Because when you are okay with putting your needs first, it does not mean that you neglect your children, your family, your career. What it means is that you are committed to becoming the best version of yourself so that then you can give back that version to the things and the people that you love. And so, I do believe you can have balance; I do believe that when you have self-care, and you spend that time with yourself, and you know yourself, to thine own self be true, then you know, and you’re more perceptive of when you’re out of balance. That is what self-care does. It allows you to be mindful of your limitations, to be mindful of your words, to be mindful of your actions. And so, I do think that you can have balance when you don’t try to balance the world on your shoulders. So, what is the connection between a woman’s physical, emotional, and mental health? I think it’s all connected. I don’t think you should try to separate it. You come here connected. (She laughs). And so, you should be thinking of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and I would even add spiritually. You are a whole self, and so when you are disconnected that is when you are truly not plugged into your life, that is truly when you may miss God’s message for your life, that’s DOZ Magazine | May 2019 truly when you may miss His signal, that your marriage is in trouble, or that your children are in trouble. You have to be connected as a whole person and in your whole self in order to see life clearly. Now, about the work that you do, what do you find most challenging and what brings you the greatest fulfilment? So, the thing that’s most challenging to me, Gabriella, is when a woman just can’t give herself permission to embrace self-care. It is a challenge because so oftentimes, we don’t invest in ourselves. Now, if we think that it is a quick money scheme or that we’re going to get some type of monetary payment, then we’ll invest. If we feel that we may go to a dating site or do something where we feel that we may get a partner out of it, then we invest. If we feel that we may get a position or a promotion, then 28 we invest. But we’re not always investing in something that we feel like, oh, what’s this going to get me? When you think about, oh what am I going to get out of this? Okay, not only can you actually save your life given the numbers with heart disease for women, but you can also save your marriage, you can also find your true purpose, you can also live healthy and happy. Because if you’re not healthy and happy, what’s the point? What’s the point of having a career, having a big house, having a husband, and children, if you’re unhealthy and unhappy? So, being healthy and happy should be the ultimate goal, and we should seek out anybody that can help us get there. So, it’s a challenge to me but that’s also my greatest reward when you can have a woman who was so focused on serving other people and serving money, serving things, serving concepts and serving perfections, trying to make everybody