DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 26

and grandmothers certainly most grandmothers, did not work outside the home. They didn’t have a full-time job or side hustle; now both parents have to work just because the economy today does not typically support one person in the household working. We need as much income in order to survive nowadays with inflation. So, they didn’t most likely work outside the home. They may just have done some side jobs or done something else. And a lot of women, predominantly, if they worked outside the home, they were teachers, or they were secretaries because that was what was offered to women at the time, that was what was available. Which means that oftentimes, they were home by five or they were home by the time the children came home and they started what is called the second shift. They also suffered in silence. It does not mean that they did not suffer; they just suffered in silence. We grew up in a time when it was said, what happens in this household stays DOZ Magazine | May 2019 in this household. They often times would be broken down but would put on a happy face or they would be faking it till they made it. The other thing is, when you look at the health statistics for women, they’re bad, especially heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, more than all cancers combined. We lose a woman almost every eighty seconds dying from heart disease. So, you look at the health statistics, you look at divorce rates, you look at infertility rate, so when you say, survive, did they survive? When you say, how did our mothers and grandmothers survive without it? My response is I don’t think they survived. We often times are looking at women who struggled, they struggled with it, and now we’re struggling with it. We’re struggling like I said with the health statistics, with the divorce rate because of all the resentment that we feel, infertility for women, fibroid, stress, we’re not surviving. And I will say that without a doubt, 26 we are in dire straits, as a matter of fact. That is so correct. So, Marsie in what ways are you using your life to inspire women because you had your own season where your health was on the back burner and now you’ve been able to overcome that so in what ways are you using your life to inspire women to embrace self-care without guilt and apology? Okay. So, I’m Dr. Marsie, right? Dr. Marsie Ross that has two great businesses. But I’m also a mother; I’m a wife. I’m a sister, and I’m a friend. I wear many hats as women do. And what I will say is that I’m very transparent about my life and I’m very transparent about the fact that I’ve put myself first. It’s very difficult to say that, Gabriella, to women, to mothers especially. Because the expectation is that I’m supposed to put my children and my family first and I push back on that because I know