DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 24

in the workplace. So, I’m really proud of that work, but we also offer a private, and small group coaching programmes as well, and I do wellness workshops. I do wellness workshops with a group of women, and we just talk about some real-life strategies to help them to embrace self-care. Awesome. So, what is self- care, what are the benefits and how can women practise self-care? how. But, not only do they not know how, but they don’t have the support. Our society is not structured to really support women’s health care. This is the time of the woman, the world is saying, this is the year of the woman, this is the time of the woman, and so most people are saying, do more, have more, buy more, accomplish more, and so when you have someone who wants to do less, society is not always supportive. They think, step on the gas, even when the car is out of control. And so, you need that support, that accountability. You need someone that is saying to you, if you actually stop the car and you shift, you’ll be able to accomplish more. You’ll be able to be in a better place to receive all these things that you want in life; to become the best person that you can become so DOZ Magazine | May 2019 that that version of you is what you give to your family, to your friends, and to your career. And so, with the Healthy and Happy Coaching With Dr. Marsie, we have actually three main areas, I have workplace wellness, so I work with companies, to help them bring wellness programme to the workplace because a healthy and happy employee is ultimately a more productive employee. If you can be healthy and happy at work, guess what version of you-you’re going to give to the client? A better version, a healthier and happier version. So, employers are finally starting to understand that they need to pour into their employees’ health because not only does it help their insurance plans, but it also increases productivity, it enhances company culture, it’s amazing what is happening 24 Okay, Gabriella. I keep saying that these are good questions, but this one is my favourite, I promise you. You want to know why, it’s because you said, practise, practise self-care. That is the keyword, practise self-care. As wives and mothers and sisters, friends, daughters, CEOs, entrepreneurs, we are always in jeopardy of either, one, giving our time for self-care away, or having it just simply be buried under our endless to-do-list. It’s hard; it has to be a daily practise. So, for me, when you first mention self-care to women, I often hear, what? “Oh, I get my hair and my nails done every two weeks.” That’s how they equate it. “Me and my girlfriends take an annual trip every year.” And I find that women, they’re proud of that. They’re very proud that they’ve been able to keep their hair appointment and keep their nail appointment and go on these trips as if it was the crumb that was left out of all the things that they give to people. They held on to that appointment, and they held on to getting their nails done, right? But self-care is so much more than that; it’s so much more. But when I also ask that same woman, when did you have your last well- woman visit at your doctor?