DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 23

based detoxes; we have a colon cleanse, we have a parasite detox. Did you know, that almost three million Americans have parasites in their intestines? And then we have a liver detox. And all of these detoxes are plant- based. So, it’s not introducing any harsh chemicals to the body. So, we love it. We’re very excited. I’m excited too! Yaay! And so people can go to to get all the information they need about EdLyn Essentials. And they can also reach out to me there too. Okay. Marsie, what does it mean to be a healthy woman and how can that be achieved? I think you’ve shared a bit about that but is there anything else that we need to know about what it means to be a healthy woman and how it can be achieved? So, health is all about balance; being able to balance the give and take of life. The give and take 23 of having a career, the give and take of raising a family, nurturing a relationship or marriage, and for me, doing endless laundry. (She laughs). Endless loads of laundry. So, it’s all about balance. And to be healthy is like, you think about it as being a multi-faceted state of being. Your health is not just your body, but it also includes your mind, your emotions, and your spiritual well-being too. So, thinking about yourself in totality, as a whole person, that includes your physical, your mental, your emotional, and your spiritual being. And so, when you’re out of balance or imbalanced, when any of these parts of yourself is out of wack, as we say it, it means you’re neglecting a part of yourself. And that’s really when you become unhealthy or even unwell. So, wellness, being well is the absence of disease. So, when you’re unwell, you have a disease, but your disease is not just physical, it can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually unwell or unhealthy, right? So, what I’ve found, Gabriella is that most of my clients, want to do right, they want to be healthy and happy they don’t just know DOZ Magazine | May 2019