DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 22

seven different bottles, that was a snag, so I thought, you know what? As my team and I developed this product, I wanted to remember that experience. I wanted to remember how frustrating it was for me, to not be able to go to some of these large vitamin stores and get what I needed. So, EdLyn Essentials, our multi-nutrients not only contain everything a woman over forty needs to release the weight, to increase focus, and to have hormone balance, but it’s also packaged with busy mums and busy women in mind. So, everything you need is in one package. But you don’t need to take anything else. You don’t need to have that pesky pill counter. But more importantly, there’s two things, the way that the bottle is even shaped, it allows the woman to keep the bottle on her kitchen counter, or her bathroom counter. Because most women we don’t like clutter, so we’ll put a bottle, if you have five or six bottles that you’re taking from for your vitamins, you’re going to put them under the counter and then inside the medicine counter in the medicine cabinet and it’s like out of sight out of mind, right? And I wanted to eliminate that; I wanted to eliminate the barriers of what exists for us. So, we designed the bottle; we designed the package with no dyes, so busy mums and busy women could get the nutrients they need. So, this is a very well thought out process, well thought out product? Yes. We listened to our clients. We deliver directly to your door, so you order online, and your vitamins come directly to your door. And even so, we have auto replenish. So, when you subscribe to auto replenish, you don’t have to do anything, except wait for your products to come directly to your door. That’s wonderful. DOZ Magazine | May 2019 Thank you. We’re very proud of this product because we know that we really are serving women who need these supplements, they need this added benefit to help them with so many things that they need, to help them give their bodies the nutrients they need. with women who are ready to get to the good part of self-care so that they can lead effectively, they can sustain quality relationships, and they can have authentic confidence. I love that. Our motto is, healthy is the new beautiful. We love that, healthy-is-the-new-beautiful! So, Marsie, what is the vision of EdLyn Enterprises and apart from this wonderful product that you’ve made in what other ways are you making a difference and changing lives? Yes. That’s a great question. I love these questions. And so we talked about the frustrations that EdLyn Essentials was birth out of, but really I founded EdLyn Essentials and also Health and Happy Coaching With Dr. Marsie, out of really a passion that I have to help women not just exist to serve others, but to thrive, thrive, thrive, in their passion and in their purpose. EdLyn means noble protector. I love that, noble protector. And that’s exactly how we feel about women’s health. Now, our ultimate goal is to ensure that each woman that is attached to the Dr. Marsie brand feels inspired and empowered to take charge of her health and happiness. Believe it or not, Gabriella, a lot of women, don’t feel that way. They don’t feel empowered to take charge of their health and their happiness. And you know, I’m a wife, I’m a mum, I’m a CEO, and I know first-hand, all of the uphill battles that women face with sustaining not only a positive body image but maintaining good mental, and emotional health. When I tell you just the sheer numbers of our health statistics for women, it certainly takes the toll, these pressures of trying to keep it all together or faking it till you make it. It can have catastrophic effect on your health, right? Women are dying. When I say catastrophic effects on your health and your relationships and your careers, I mean it, you know. And so, I just really, really love working I love that too! That’s a wonderful slogan right there! (She laughs). And so when you think of EdLyn Essentials, we want people to know that we offer dietary supplements that are made with the highest qualities of vitamins and minerals and herbal complexes. We believe that this is truly the missing piece that women have been looking for. It’s no magic pill; I always tell women that, there’s no magic pill if you want to have sustainable results. That’s including dietary supplements, that’s including EdLyn Essentials, we are not a one-stop shop. We always tell our clients to repeat this mantra. Are you ready? Nutrition, fitness, supplements, leads to balance, strength, and longevity. And so, Gabriella, what this says is that not one thing works alone. So often we have the nutrition, but we’re not working out. We’ll have the fitness, but we’re not eating right. We’ll have the supplements, but we may not be eating right. So, they all go together. They say you cannot outwork a bad diet. And you cannot maintain good muscle tone or good heart health without movement. And you really are not likely getting all you need for all your required nutrients from your diet. But when you combine nutrition, fitness, and supplements, you will truly find balance, strength, and longevity. 22 That’s awesome. I like that. I like that mantra. Yes. And we love it. We love to talk to women, we love to talk to our clients, and we also have three, plant-