DOZ Issue 43 May 2019 - Page 21

Dr. Marsie Ross is the CEO of EdLyn Enterprises, LLC. She has a doctorate in Pharmacy and is passionate about inspiring women to embrace self- care without guilt or apology! As a pharmacist, international speaker, author, and integrative nutrition health coach, Marsie loves to arm women with real-life strategies to help them renew, revive and redefine what it means to be a boss, mom, wife and to live healthy and happy! Read this interview with Dr. Marsie Ross and be inspired to embrace self-care without guilt or apology! I see that you’re the CEO of EdLyn Enterprises LLC, Marsie would you please share with us how this came about? That’s a great question; it’s actually one of my favourite questions to be honest with you. So, EdLyn was birth out of sheer frustration. (she laughs). Like most women, when I turned 45, all hell broke loose, my hormone levels plummeted, and my body was really going through some internal changes, and no matter how hard I exercised or how well I ate, my body just would not release the unwanted weight. Also, my moods were just all over the place. And so finally, being fed up, and enduring as much as I could endure, I started to do tons of research, and there’s three things that I discovered. First, perimenopause sucks. (more laughter). The hormone levels that we experience is really the beginning of a long hard road for many women, and I certainly was no exception. The other thing that I found out was that nutrition and exercise were just simply not going to be enough for me to give my body what it needed at this new juncture of my life. Right? And that dietary supplements had to be a part of my lifestyle. So those were the three different things that I learned from the research that I did; really saying, well something is changing, something’s not right. And so, unfortunately, this is when I hit the snag. I went to some of the big vitamin stores and most of them either I had to take seven dietary supplements with at least seven different bottles or the package, if they were all in one, had these unwanted dyes that I just did not want in my body. They added dyes to the pills, and I am like, why is that pill red? I don’t need that. I wanted something that was of better quality. And then one day it just dawned on me, okay wait a minute, I am a pharmacist. (laughter). And not only am I a pharmacist, but I am an award-winning pharmacist. And so that, right there, Gabriella, started my 21 year-long research process on, what was it, the supplement, the vitamins, and minerals the herbal supplements that women over forty really needed? Although I was thinking about myself at first, to be honest with you, but what do we need in our bodies to help us get the nutrients we need so our bodies can trust us, number one, with the hormonal balance and to release the weight with our metabolism going down? What can I do to really keep myself fit and healthy? And so, in March of 2017, EdLyn Essentials we launched our first flagship product which is the Multi- Nutrient for Women Over Forty. Awesome. Well done, you. Thank you. Thank you. We’re very proud of this product, and it has helped a lot of women who were in my same predicament really, number one, get the hormone balance that they need, but also feed the body the nutrients to help them release the weight. I love to talk about that product. So, the dyes and having to have DOZ Magazine | May 2019