DOZ Issue 41 March 2019 - Page 7

The EMPOWERMENT of women & The bond of FELLOWSHIP 2 KEY intangibles that are required for success. Writer, Speaker, Advocate, Wife, Mother, and many other hats sit on Philicia’s head, but more importantly, she is; None of us is useless, we ALL have a purpose. HERSELF AND NOTHING BUT HERSELF. At DOZ Live Inspirational Conference, we help you discover what that is. An attitude she helps to bestow in other women. Embrace yourself. Life is hard, we all know that. DOZ Live will allow you to be around similar minded people, new connections, new shoulders to lean on and a HUGE new support network, Dr. Yolanda Jerry Yolanda is a retired AIR FORCE VETERAN, a coach and entrepreneur in every sense of the word. ALL UNDER ONE ROOF! You get knocked down twice; you get up three times! STRONGER! BETTER! Conference Theme: Get back up! YOU have faced something that’s made you want to throw in the towel! At DOZ Live we remove the towel and replace it with self-worth, we help you realise how GREAT you truly are. HOST: Eturuvie Erebor The event is headed up by the self- growth specialist Eturuvie Erebor, a British-Nigerian author, publisher, and speaker. Fuelled by a passion for helping others understand how great they truly are, Eturuvie (AKA Gabriella), gained this by being tested herself. Domestic violence, divorce, betrayal. You name it, Gabriella has not only gone through it but came out STRONGER! Every. Single. Time. SPEAKERS: Dr. Marsie Ross The award-winning ‘Self-Care Crusader’ who established ‘EdLyn Essentials,’ is an international speaker and a pharmacist amongst other great accomplishments. HEALTHY IS THE NEW BEAUTIFUL A mantra Marsie carries with her in every step she takes. Imploring women to take charge of their OWN happiness. Marsie knows the catastrophic effects being ‘fake happy’ has on your health, career, relationships and everything else. BODY IMAGE This was a BATTLE Marsie fought and overcame, and she will be standing on this stage speaking to you, so I think we all know who is next in line to win that war. Philicia Baugh Pringle, EdS. A mother at 16, the pressures of raising a child while still being one. After experiencing the CRUEL, HARSH, words of the world, Philicia committed to being herself. UNAPOLOGETICALLY. UNASHAMEDLY. Shaking the shame and sharing her journey she took the words that broke her down and transformed them into uplifting words that build others up — she is an inspiration in every sense of the word. 7 A strong survivor of SEXUAL assault and DOMESTIC violence and now an advocate for women who have through both of those, Yolanda founded ‘YJ Empowerment Solutions, LLC.’ Helping turn victims into VICTORS and showing that everyone can come out better, bigger and stronger from past traumas. With over 20 years of accolades, awards, titles, and degrees, Dr. Yolanda Jerry has an impact that is spread across the world. With the understanding that everyone is great, but sometimes it takes someone else to tell you how STRONG you really are. DETAILS: You know the host; you know the speakers. So, we shall see you at 65 Queen’s Gate, Kensington London, SW7 5JS on Saturday, April 20 th, 2019 Get your TICKETS at For SPONSORSHIP Contact Eturuvie Erebor at www. Remember: Every time you get back up, you INCREASE your chances of winning. DOZ Magazine | March 2019