DOZ Issue 41 March 2019 - Page 13

1 2 3 4 5 Great women are bold and courageous women. Susan B Anthony was brave and courageous. She registered and voted in the 1872 election and was arrested. It takes boldness and courage to do what she did. Leadership 6 Lessons from the Life 7 of Susan B Anthony Great women challenge the status quo; they never accept it. Susan B Anthony could not understand why women were second-class citizens, and she did not accept it. She challenged it with everything in her and everything and everyone at her disposal and eventually, she changed the status quo. Great women fight for a cause that is bigger than themselves. For Susan, it wasn’t about herself or what she could gain personally. She fought for women who would come after her. She fought so that they would be free. Every time you go to vote as a woman remember that there were women before you who fought for you to have that right. Great women stand up for others. A great woman will be a voice for the oppressed in society. She will speak up and speak out in defense of others who cannot do so for themselves. Not only was Susan fighting for the rights of women, but she was also known to speak in defense of women who had been battered by their husbands and sometimes offered them shelter when they fled violence and abuse at home. Great women view people and situations differently. Susan Anthony supported a lot of prostitutes. She did not condemn them as society did; she did not judge them as others did. She saw in them what others failed to see and she reached out a hand to help them beholding them as victims seeking to escape from what she termed, “the inequalities of the law which places all womanhood at the mercy of manhood.” Great women are liberators; they do not sit around waiting for others to liberate them from the challenges that life throws at them. Instead, they confront the challenges that face them and release not only themselves but others with them. Susan never lived to see the nineteenth amendment, she never lived to see women free to vote, but she fought in her lifetime to make it happen. She battled to liberate women. 13 Great women are not afraid to go where no has gone before. Susan was fighting a cause that was not popular. She had enemies; people mocked her, some even asked her to marry and have children, but she was undeterred and unfazed. If you are going to achieve anything significant, then you must not be afraid to follow the road less travelled or the road that has never been travelled for that matter. Great women are pathfinders, trailblazers, and pacesetters. They are leaders. 8 Great women are change agents. Susan brought change not only for the women in her generation but for women that would be born many generations later. No more would a woman be unable to vote in the United States of America. 9 10 Great women act. Many people sit and discuss what they would like to do. While there is nothing wrong with talking, without action things remain the same. Susan brought about a change by acting and not by talking. She did not only act, but she got other women too to act. They were able to achieve their desires because they took action. Do you want a change? Take action. This is what great women do. Great women inspire others. Their story gives hope and sends across a simple message, one that says, if I can so can you. Susan B Anthony inspired many with her life. And today, many years after her death, women inspired by her, continue to fight for gender equality all over the world. DOZ Magazine | March 2019