DOZ Issue 41 March 2019 - Page 3

EDITOR’S LETTER Dear Ladies, beat you up, then impregnate you!” Interestingly, and unfortunately, there were no consequences for his action. While this is heartbreaking, what is by far worse is the women who harm other women in the name of culture and tradition or for financial gain. Women who have become the problem instead of eliminating the problem. Consider this; it is women who sit and shave the heads of widows. It is women who mutilate the genitals of women. And it is women who lure other women into sex trafficking. As we celebrate women and womanhood this month, I would like to use this medium to appeal to all women to do to another woman as you would have her do to you. If it is not good for you, then don’t inflict it on another woman. Let’s look out for each other. Be your sister’s keeper. Welcome to March! Happy Women’s Day and Happy Mother’s Day. I love the month of March because it is a time to celebrate women and their achievements. A lot has been accomplished in the fight for equality and fair treatment, but a lot still needs to be done, especially for women in developing nations who are victims of one or more forms of domestic violence. Several years ago, there was a joke making the rounds in my nation of origin, Nigeria. This was the joke; three women attended an international women’s conference. Two of the women were from developed countries and the third, from Nigeria. They were taught to train their husbands to get more involved in domestic work. When they returned to the conference the following year to share their experiences, the first woman said, I did what I was taught, and the first day, I saw nothing, the second day, I saw nothing, but on the third day, I saw significant changes in my husband. The second woman came up and said the same thing. Then the woman from Nigeria came up and said, I did what I was taught, and the first day, I saw nothing, the second day, I saw nothing, but on the third day, I began to see a little from my right eye. This joke was very well received. People thought it was funny and they laughed. By laughing, they were not only consenting to violence against women, but they were also promoting it. The joke and the response it received sent home a strong message, one that said to women, this society will not tolerate gender equality and if you try to bring it here, you will be beaten into submission. And in July 2016 a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dino Melaye said to his female colleague, Mrs. Remi Tinubu, “I will You are reading DOZ Issue 41, March 2019, and it is loaded with exciting stories that will not leave you the same. Our DOZ That Inspire You, for this issue is, Elder Nicole Mason Esq. She is an outstanding woman. A few months ago, I had the honour of having her as my guest on DOZ Show. She shares with us her journey to becoming a lawyer, applying to law school nine times and being rejected nine times. If you have ever faced rejection, her story will inspire you to try again. No, you are not permitted to quit! “DOZ Chronicles: Ruki” continues in this issue. If you read the last issue, then you already know that Emeka is dead. So, what becomes of Ruki and her family? Enjoy finding out. I look forward to seeing you next month. Blessings! 3 DOZ Magazine | March 2019