DOZ Issue 41 March 2019 - Page 10

The Birth Of A Career T hroughout my school days, I was an extremely and unusually quiet student. Perhaps what would be considered a “nerd” today? I was into major heavy duty reading, a voracious reader if you will… and I always enjoyed writing. I was the kid in the class who always had “a hand raised” eager to answer. And eager to learn, because I was so keen on education, I’d be the one who’d remind the teacher, “you forgot our homework assignment,” DOZ Magazine | March 2019 C D Swanson which always brought about a “cacophony of groans and moans.” Needless to say, I was hardly the popular girl due to my vigor and appetite for acquiring a higher level of knowledge. You might say that I looked forward to school, assignments, and doing well with my grades. I would awaken with a heady anticipation knowing it was another day to learn. Until one particularly grim day….It was a day that changed my overall countenance and demeanor, and 10 one that would greatly influence the rest of my life going forward. I was in the ladies room when the late school bell rang. After washing my hands, I gathered my books walking out into the corridor. I was still “studying” in my mind preparing for the history test that I was to take that morning, as I picked up my pace. The hallway was empty the students in their classrooms, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt an overwhelmingly paralyzing pain on the right side