DOZ Issue 40 February 2019 - Page 6

Gloria Pierre Dean BROKEN B vase. everley was ten when on a visit to her Grandma, she did the deed. On the brick floor lay the pieces of the beautiful heirloom “Oh Beverley,” mother cried “not that vase.” Amazed and surprised, she remembers that terror filled her young soul. She had broken a family heirloom that she had been told never to touch. Now, it lay smashed in irregular pieces at her feet. The family talked of repairing it, but they knew that it would never be the same again and the monetary loss was huge. Years later in her twenties, she still recalled her dastardly deed. She needed to forgive herself. It all came back in a gallop one day when as a nurse, she stood in the clinical room of an abortion clinic where she worked and saw the parts of an aborted baby in its container. Again and with immense horror, it came to her that she had colluded with the destruction of a perfect creation. This fact was compounded when she noted that the baby’s heart was still beating, even as it was separated from its body. She also saw that the human flesh continued to twitch, but soon all was still. She found herself weeping uncontrollably. ‘What a loss.’ She was reminded of the broken vase all over again. DOZ Magazine | February 2019 She left the job and never returned to the clinic. That day changed her life. She knew in her heart that she needed help because she could not stop weeping. “No more. No more, Beverley.” She vowed a covenant promise to herself and God, and she did something that she had not done in decades. Yes, she repented and prayed. “Father forgive me and forgive us for destroying this baby and so many other babies’ lives. Open the eyes of the abortion industry to see the enemy’s deception. “ Only Jesus could mend this as He had already done on the cross. “You need help and healing,” she heard an inaudible voice say. “Yes, I do,” she voiced to herself. So, she attended counselling locally where she was encouraged and enabled to forgive herself based on Jesus’ Word. Soon after, she became involved in a Pro-life group where she met Kitty who invited her to church. At the Living Waters Church, she went forward and gave her life to Jesus. In time, she trained to be a counsellor and began to help young couples considering abortion, and she wrote a booklet about her experience and entitled it ‘ Mending the Broken.’ Her local publisher agent Jim became her husband and the father of their two children, Sam and Sarah. 6