DOZ Issue 40 February 2019 - Page 28

he doubled it, another one did the same thing, but then there was one who hid his talents, and I don’t want to be that person who hid my talent, and I believe that every time you multiply what God gives you that’s what He gives you more and more and more of. Because I would have never thought that radio would have landed me here, never. Just doing A Blog Talk Radio from inside of my bedroom, I never would have thought that it would have landed me here. So yes, I’m walking it out by faith, this is a faith walk, but every time I step out and do something that God has placed on my heart, then He gives me more. Yes. So, what are some of the challenges that are associated with the work that you do and how do you overcome these challenges? W ell, you know everything is not easy. So now I’m a full-time entrepreneur so there may be times when people don’t pay their bill, their invoices that they owe me, right? But you have to keep going; you have to find the ways and the means. I wasn’t always a full-time entrepreneur; this is just something that recently happened in the last two years. So of course, things are going to come up, but you just deal with them as you go, giving up is not an option. That’s the coward’s way out. Anybody can give up, anybody can say, I can’t do this anymore, I’m not going to do this anymore, anybody can do that. But it’s those that persevere; the Bible says that it is he that endures to the end. Is it always easy enduring? Absolutely not! You know the thing that I’ve learnt? There is power in taking it one day at a time. Just take it one day at a time, one day at a time, that’s all you have, it’s that one day. That’s why Jesus said, give us this day our daily bread. That’s all you have, is this day. DOZ Magazine | February 2019 I wasn’t always a full-time entrepreneur; this is just something that recently happened in the last two years. So of course, things are going to come up So, don’t worry about what is to come? N o. Now you can prepare because anybody who has common-sense knows that you need to prepare. There is power in being prepared, but I can’t focus all of my attention and life on what isn’t. I have to take one day at a time. Worrying only happens when you start going into tomorrow’s affairs. You’ve got to stay focused, and you’ve got to keep going, no matter what. No matter what it looks like, you got to keep going. Just keep going. Remember the movie, Finding Nemo? Well in the movie there is a fish named Dory, and he tells him, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming. And that’s how life is. You’ve just got to keep going, you’ve got to keep swimming. Even when you don’t know the way, the water may be coming against you, the tide may be high, but you got to keep swimming. Just keep swimming, that’s all you can do, just keep swimming. I feel inspired just listening to you. (S he laughs) Oh my God! You know what? David said he encouraged himself in the Lord. And am I always encouraged? Absolutely 28 not! Planning a conference is not easy either, you know you want to know how it is going to happen, but it won’t be faith if I knew how everything was going to turn out. I’ve got to work it out. That is so true. Let’s talk now about your books. You’ve authored quite a few books and co-authored a few. You’re also a publisher of many books. And you have a book set to be released, No Matter What You Can Make It: Three Ways to Overcome Life’s Hardest Battles. What is this book about and what are you hoping that people will grasp from reading it? ell, this book is about perseverance. So, in no matter what, I talk about the murder of my son’s father when my son was eight days old. I talk about living in the battered women’s shelter. I talk about betrayal from a person that I never thought it would come from, and having to live through that because betrayal is like death to me and I’m just being totally transparent and honest with you. I did not know how I was going to make it. So, when I say, no matter what you can make it, I go through like I said the murder of my son’s father, I go through being homeless, being in an abusive relationship not just one abusive relationship but two abusive relationships. So, that made me take a look at myself like what are you doing to attract this? So, with that being said, absolutely no matter what, you can make it. It goes through what people may perceive as some of life’s worst battles, but it also shows you that anybody can make it, you can make it. I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, I have a lot of friends to be murdered, they didn’t even see past 13 years old, that’s devastating traumatising, but I W