DOZ Issue 40 February 2019 - Page 26

some celebrity life coaches, I just have it. I mean my business is so vast, but I am excited because women are coming to learn. We’re even having something on mental health because as you know, it’s being more and more exposed, so I’m just really excited about being a part of this conference and what it’s going to do for women. Like I said we have the prayer breakfast on Saturday morning on Friday we’re having a MizCEO award show, I mean so much is going to be jam-packed into these two days, so I’m really excited. Awesome. So, is this something that’s going to be regular? Is it going to be yearly or bi-yearly? How do you plan to run it? T his will be yearly; this is my first one, that is kicking off in October. And then I’m going to be doing another conference that I’m going to be doing yearly as well, but that’s not going to come up till April of next year, and that’s the writers and bloggers conference. Because I am a writer, I write for a lot of national media outlets myself. So yes, my goal and passion is women. I want women to succeed, I want to see them on the frontline, I want them to be recognised. We will no longer be silenced. When they show up, I just want them showing up in their greatness. That’s good to know. Now, let’s talk a bit about the MizCEO organisation. So, you’ve got several things that you’re doing there, and you’ve got a conference coming up in October. Can you tell us a bit about this conference first of all? Y es! Absolutely! So, it’s October the 12 th and 13 th we’re going to have my first ever women’s business conference. It’s where we’re taking our faith and taking DOZ Magazine | February 2019 it to the market place. So, I’m dealing with women from all over; people are registering from all over the world, all over the country, to come to this conference. This is for women in business; we’re going to have two jam-packed days of not just information but inspiration because I’m even throwing a prayer breakfast. All the speakers are actually my clients; I have some reality star TV clients, I have 26 You’re an awesome woman. It takes an awesome woman to want other women to succeed. O h my God! You know what? Everything in my life that has happened to me was handed to me by a woman: my mother, my grandmother. My grandmother is the one who instilled in me the name Jesus and was adamant about me learning about God. My mother did the same thing. I come from a lineage of priests and prophets, and so I am just fortunate to be able to do what I love and not have to be mindful.