DOZ Issue 40 February 2019 - Page 21

DOZ THAT Inspire You Jessica Mosley is an author, publisher, award- winning journalist, PR professional, certified life and business coach and entrepreneur who went from jobless and homeless to becoming an investment banker, a vice president of the bank and later, founder of MizCEO Society for Coaches and CEO of J. Mosley Publishing. As a certified life and business coach, she is a board member of the Forbes Coaches Council. As a PR professional, Jessica has put her clients on the Steve Harvey Show, OWN Magazine, Aspire TV, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Forbes, and Essence. She was once a woman who fled domestic abuse, leaving behind everything including her job. She was seven months pregnant at the time, had a seven-year-old son and nothing but the clothes on her back. It was in this pitiable condition that she moved into a shelter for battered women. And it was in the midst of this adversity that she became an investment banker working her way up to vice president of the bank. She believes that her valley experiences have helped her to be more compassionate towards women and she continually seeks ways to help women win. She is an advocate for women and volunteers with women and young girls who are victims of domestic abuse. She has established a coaching programme, “Etiquette Fit for A Queen” primarily for women in shelters who desire a transformation. Her MizCEO brand is enjoying growth and expansion with the introduction of a monthly magazine for the entrepreneurial woman, the annual MizCEO Entrepreneurial Conference for Women in Business, the launch of the MizCEO Luxury Mink Lashes and MizCEO Relaxing Raspberry Candle. Read this interview with Jessica Mosley and be inspired to rise from the ashes. When life knocks you down, as it often will, you don’t have to stay down. You can get back up. And every time you get back up, you increase your chances of winning. 21 DOZ Magazine | February 2019