DOZ Issue 40 February 2019 - Page 15

I have like severe back pain, and when I first started to lose weight after my accident I would pass out during sessions and had trouble walking. I really had to rebuild myself up including my mental as well. It’s from that experience that I really felt the need to reach out to people who are going through any type of trauma whether physically or emotionally and use my example to show that you can’t give up because I was told certain things, but I surpassed what I was told. You are not a quitter. (She laughs) It’s not in my vocabulary. I refuse to give up. Shontelle, following your accident, you must have thought, the worst is over, but then you lost your job and you were given an eviction notice. Will you please share with us that experience and how you turned it around? Well, I was working at my place of employment for fifteen years. I had a senior management position there, and there was a lot of new management coming in from the outside, so there was a shift in the way they were kind of running the company and a manager came in and she from day one had it out for me for whatever reason. It felt like there was really an employment sweep that was going on and a lot of people got fired not just me. But they would find an excuse to let go of somebody that wasn’t justified, and we couldn’t question. So long story short after fifteen years I’ve never been written off, I had a strong reputation there, everyone loved me, the clientele loved me, it was a perfect place for me to be, I was fired for a reason that didn’t even make sense. Or apply to me. I was already behind in my rent prior to getting fired, and it just so happened that that same week is when they served me with the paper to go to court. My daughter was with me, so she saw the eviction notice as well. It was probably one of the worst times of my life. I did try to put my resume out there and get another administrative or managerial position. No one hired me, no one called me back, and I submitted my resume day and night. And 15 it was my mentor that was like, Shontelle, you lost 105 pounds, all you’ve got to do is the same thing you did to yourself to other people. And at the time I was like a little bit nervous about it. Where am I going to train? And then I started applying for fitness positions and a lot of them you have to have experience, and I didn’t have any experience on paper. So, my mentor, again I called him crying, and he’s like just find a place and train. Go in the park, go here, go there, but it was winter, and here we have snow. Our elevators weren’t working so we were forced to take the stairwell, and I’m high up like over twenty flights, and I have to walk upstairs. So, I parked in the basement, and I was going up from the basement. From the basement to the first floor there was like this little area right by the exit emergency door, and nothing happens there, it’s about the size of a parking space. So, I sat there, and my daughter was like mum, what are you doing? (She laughs.) And I was like just give me a second. And I was sitting on the stairs asking myself if I’m crazy. I was like, Shontelle are DOZ Magazine | February 2019