DOZ Issue 40 February 2019 - Page 14

DOZ Show Preferred Guest L et’s talk about your childhood, the dreams, the challenges and the lessons that you took away from that season of your life. My childhood is usually something I don’t really talk about. It wasn’t pleasant. I’m sure I had some good moments, but for the most part growing into adult I only remember all of the bad things because it was so frequent. My mum was physically and emotionally abusive, and I would go to school with bruises. She would give us licks, but it wasn’t like regular west Indian type quote, and unquote lick, it was severe, and we would have those bruises or like dried blood from wounds that aren’t closed yet and stuff like that. I’d go to school and get questioned about it and children’s day would come, and they would have meetings, and I don’t Interview by Eturuvie Erebor (AKA Gabriella) know, I still don’t know Shontelle Dubois is our DOZ what her issues were or why she was so Show Preferred Guest for this violent and verbally issue of DOZ Magazine, and aggressive, but all indeed our very first DOZ Show of that taught me Preferred Guest. She is nothing to be the person if she is not a fighter! From a that I am today. childhood characterised by abuse, That’s why I am so thick to a ghastly motor accident, skinned if depression, failed relationships, you want to job loss, eviction, and ridicule, say that Shontelle Dubois has seen it all because and succeeded despite it all. Read I’ve SHONTELLE DUBOIS this extract from Shontelle’s DOZ Show interview and be inspired by her determination to get back up every time life has knocked her down! DOZ Magazine | February 2019 14 already been through all the criticising and tormenting and all that. I’ve already gone through that since I was four years old. So, to me, that’s my normal. So, to have somebody in the outside world do it, it’s like, been there done that. (She laughs.) A few years ago, you were involved in a seven-car accident. Briefly share that experience with us. Well, it was like one car stopped to let someone out. I guess their house was close by and they just stopped in the right lane. I was the third car. So, the second car stopped, I stopped, the car behind me stopped, and then I guess the last three or four cars they didn’t so the pile-up happened, and I went into the car in front of me. I got hit from behind and went into the car in front of me. And then I had to do three years of rehab I had to do therapy as well because my psyche was a little off and the physical damages, I still experience