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Jennifer Workman, Founder, Simply Victorious Ministries, announces her latest book release titled “Simply Victorious For Life” Endorsements & Reviews “Simply Victorious for Life paints a portrait of one called to serve. Undergirded by victory over the lowest point in her life, Jennifer Workman makes plain why trials are blessings in disguise—leading to triumph over adversity for those who love Christ. Supported by scripture, Simply Victorious for Life underscores why the bitter and sweet are intricately woven into each person’s life, and it promises to bless all who seek the truth of God’s Word.” —Carol Douglas Lyles, Editor-in-Chief Him Power Magazine SIMPLY VICTORIOUS FOR LIFE 30+ Daily Devotionals for Spiritual Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Illumination of the Mind, Body, and Soul BY Jennifer Workman In our world filled with unending crime, death, relationship issues, and despair, Jennifer Workman incorporates a plethora of inspirational articles to inspire and spiritually empower every reader that no matter what, they are not alone in their struggles because God is open and receptive to their cries for help. In the book, Jennifer showcases concrete biblical citations to highlight to the readers the importance of understanding God’s word and how to make it applicable to their daily life and struggles. This book compassionately addresses from a personal, practical, biblical, and theological standpoint bookstore! Order from Wipf and Stock: victorious-for-life.html About the Author: Jennifer Workman is an evangelist, accomplished author, and media personality with more than fifteen years in the radio, television, and publications arena. She is founder of Simply Victorious Ministries, a ministry that is founded on biblical principles and that aims to be a globally recognizable "voice" that ministers to people from the questions that we all as people need answers to as they relate to prayer, faith, spirituality, and relationship with God. • Why is prayer important and how do we effectively apply it to our daily lives? • Positive verses Negative Declarations and what long-term affects do they have on our lives? • How do we, from a biblical standpoint, fully submit ourselves to God’s divine will and purpose for our lives? • What ways should we exemplify faith and trust in God? • How can we come alongside someone who is hurting or who is having a crisis of faith in difficult times? • How do we best prioritize our time wisely and utilize it for fulfilling God’s plan for our lives? In stock, or available for order, at your local Order from Amazon: Life…/…/1532659636… different walks of life with the overall focus to empower, to inspire, and to motivate people towards living a fuller life that is found in relationship with God. Jennifer is also the host and producer of "Simply Victorious for Life," an inspirational program broadcast once a month via various social media outlets. Jennifer’s articles have been published in numerous magazines, blog 7 pages, and digital publications such as Empower Magazine, Ruby for Women Magazine, and The Praying Woman Online. Jennifer is the author of the newly released books Never Say Never: Conquering of the Storms of Life with Unshakable Faith and Perseverance and Power Over Darkness. She is the editor of My Thoughts on God and the Men Who went Astray, Why?, Where Are They? DOZ Magazine | January 2019