DOZ Issue 39 January 2019 - Page 6

Gloria Pierre Dean A JOY OF LIVING licia bounded down the stairs and out the front door in her Nike shoes. Well, she did not bound physically, but in her heart she did. Today was `play day’ at the women’s club, and she loved going. Friends met at the church and played board games, ate lunch and discussed the next things to do for the year. She was wearing an orange t-shirt and pants. She no longer wore black. To her, orange meant happiness was back. “ It was time to stop mourning and live again” she vowed internally. After a ten year marriage, darling Tobias had left her and moved to another state with his mistress and their two children. His action left her stunned, bereft and alone. He had filed for divorce. They had had no children. Like a good though deserted wife, she still loved him and mourned the loss of trust and companionship. The club reminded her that she was still young. She caught sight of herself in the car mirror. “I will lose weight too” she quietly vowed to herself. Last week she had donated lots of things like clothing and old mementos to the yearly yard sale. The funds generated would be sent to help the poor that the church’s missionary partners worked with in needy areas. Releasing herself from her manmade prison was empowering. “Life is for living” was Mama’s favourite line and she remembered it often these days. Mama died ten years ago with a smile on her face. DOZ Magazine | January 2019 Many of her club friends had been or were going through tough times, and she felt compassion for them. She knew that prayer helped, so they started regular prayer times. Prayer time at the club was uplifting and valued by all of them. Increasingly a growing part of her life was spent in the Word and prayer these days. She also wondered if the Lord was leading her to do short-term mission work for him, either here or another country. She had been asking Him that question too. She looked in her mirror this morning and smiled. “Praise the Lord!” She declared. She was thankful that she could laugh and not cry as she had so often done after Tobias left. Tomorrow she and Lucille would volunteer at the local Retirement Home where they transported people to appointments. They had so much fun with the residents. She drove to the club in the slow lane because it gave her time to think, sing and listen to the local Moody Radio. She had a hard time finding a parking space. She went to the front door and could not see anyone, so she went into the vestry which was empty. Then she wandered into the kitchen area. Firstly, she saw balloons. “Looks like a celebration!” She thought to herself. “Hello, Hello, where is everyone?” She called out. “Surprise! Surprise!” The group yelled. “What’s going on, girls?” “We have awarded you the “Joy of Living” Award.” 6