DOZ Issue 39 January 2019 - Page 32

Hope Restored Lucy Brown Y our husband is dead,” Doctor Woods said. Hope’s purse dropped to the ground and its contents scattered on the floor including the home pregnancy strip test she had taken that morning. Tears clouded her visions, and she could barely hear what the doctor was saying. She heard him say that John was dead, she felt his gentle touch on DOZ Magazine | January 2019 her shoulder, but all she could think of was the responsibility that had been dropped on her young shoulders. She was only twenty-five-years-old, and a mother to two, no three children including the one in her belly. She had been only nineteen when she met John and fell in love with him. He pretended to love God as much as she did and convinced her that it was God’s plan for 32 them to marry. They had eloped and married, and the marriage had been consummated before her parents found her in a little motel in New York, sick and at the brink of death because John had decided that marriage wasn’t for him after their wedding night. Her father found him and persuaded him to make the marriage work. Through the years they had rough times,