DOZ Issue 39 January 2019 - Page 28

Everyday Heroes Jennifer Woodley J udy’s jet-black, shoulder-length hair swung easily under a wide-brimmed caramel akubra. Her yellow cotton blouse, as glorious as the golden sunflowers in my home garden sat snuggly over her chest accentuating her slim figure, before falling softly over skin-tight black jeans. How anyone could look that good before 7.00 am was beyond me. Disembarking smoothly from the land DOZ Magazine | January 2019 cruiser, she immediately began hailing instructions to her three young children as they flung open the car doors and made their way to the back of the horse trailer. ‘Jackie, can you get the ropes and the horse rug and Dwaine you know what I asked you to do. Careful, as you lead Bluebell out, she’s a bit edgy this morning.’ 28