DOZ Issue 39 January 2019 - Page 26

Pavarotti competition, and I got the first price before an interna- tional jury, which opened up other doors. Then there was in France the nomination for the Victoires de la Musique, which is the French version of the Grammys, which opened me up to another aspect. Then there was another competi- tion called the Paris International Competition that I did that took place here in Paris which opened me up in another way. So all those moments, shall we say, contribut- ed in their own way to the break- through, right? So that means that usually what the public gets to see is that boom, all of a sudden, an international star. But all those different moments one doesn’t necessarily see them, but they all add up into the break- through. Does that make sense? It makes perfect sense! Wonderful! You have done an amazing job, well done! What advice do you have for the woman who would like to do what you’re doing? Work very hard. Pray very hard. I think that in the case of the art, music, things that have to do with DOZ Magazine | January 2019 talent, we’re entering into this generation where people think unfortunately probably helped by the media with the voice and TV star academy and all those types of programmes. All of a sudden people tend to think that with the snapping of the finger, you can become a singer, you know. And it is actually quite sad because it doesn’t work that way at all (she laughs). And so that means you don’t go on academy and three months later become a star. No. That is not it. It is many years of dedication and commitment. For the woman specifically, it is also in certain cases having to over- come and persist through stereo- types and obstacles, that are sex targeted. So that’s where the pray hard, work hard, comes. Because I think a career in music is also, we say, time and chance. Time and chance mean the opportune moment where one meets one’s opportunity. But that opportuni- ty needs to meet one prepared. That means one needs to have put in the hours that will make one ready when the opportunity comes so that one can ride with it and make use of it and fly with it. 26 So if I were to advise I would say pray a lot and work hard because those prayers will bring the oppor- tunity and when the opportunity comes it better meet you ready. A very good example I have is of a friend who I met here in Paris who had the same opportunity as I did. She came from Botswana, and she got this type of dream scholarship to come to France to study. She got here and firstly the solitude, she couldn’t cope. She was so lonely and miserable and depressed at having to leave her family and hav- ing to be in this country and having to learn this language which was so difficult for her and then on top of it, the work that was required. And she went off; I just want to sing for God’s sake what is this? And funny enough, unbelievable as it may be after two years she gave up, and she went back home. So looking at that type of story, it would be like, no that is not possible, how can someone have a scholarship somebody comes to you and says I am going to pay for all of your studies just go and do it, and it’s not possible? And so that is what happens, I believe when opportunity doesn’t meet hard work because one is not able to seize the opportunity and use it to the fullest. That is so true, Omo, thank you for sharing that story with us. So how can the readers contact you? Okay, I can be contacted in two ways. Firstly, on my website, there is contact information to write me a message. Or on social media. I am on different social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Other- wise not least of all, I started a music foundation, The Omo Bello Music Foundation through which I can also be reached on the website for that. And yes, by all means, get in touch, and I would be glad to be in touch.