DOZ Issue 39 January 2019 - Page 25

mance? So for me, music is first of all, edification. For me. I am selfish in that way (she laughs). But what I am trying to say is that I want to be touched, I want to be moved. Each time, I sing, firstly for myself, and then from that well of edification I give out, I share. So that means that that part of the musical execution that involves emotion, that involves the spiri- tual part of it where one is able to, the only word I can use for it is, be changed. That part of it is very important, and in classical music, unfortunately, one can get carried away with the technical part. But that emotional part, that part of it that involves the emotions for me is extremely im- portant. So for me, I want people who listen to me to be changed, to be transformed, to become better at the end of it because the most important thing for me when one encounters music I want the person to not be the same after having heard the music. Wonderful! Omo, every star has a breakthrough moment, until then they are in obscurity. Tell us about your breakthrough moment, the moment where the dream you had in the garden when you were holding the stick became a reality right before your eyes. Tell us about that moment and how did it feel to know that your years of dreaming and your years of hard work had finally paid off? Breakthrough moment…hmmm… you see the thing is, it’s much more than a moment because it’s so many layers of different moments that came together and explode into that breakthrough, right? Let me explain. When you have an artist, a performer, a sing- er, who all of a sudden has this huge international what we call a breakthrough moment, to the public or most of the public who 25 discover that star all of a sudden at that point, it is like wow, she just brushed out of no where. It’s a lot more than that. It’s so many little sparks that exploded, right? Now let me explain my own different sparks. There was firstly that encounter that got me the scholarship that brought me to France. While I was studying like you mentioned earlier, I was singing. And before I was singing, during my studies I was singing, and I am still singing so obviously my performance improved over the years, and one can observe the ascension of the quality of my performance, before I started studying, as I was studying, after I finished and as I got full time into the career. So there was the Conservatoire that is the school that had the artistic effect on me. It developed my performing style. And then there was the competition that I did, the singing competition, the first big one that I did was in Italy. It’s the Luciano DOZ Magazine | January 2019