DOZ Issue 39 January 2019 - Page 22

work conditions that go into a career. We get to travel a lot, and it’s exciting, but at the same time, it’s tiring. The air conditioning, heating and all sorts of weather changes, time changes, affect the body, affect the strength of the body and affect the voice. So you need to acquire technique, and that’s what we do in those six years, and I daresay we need ten years to know how to sing proper- ly. After ten good years then you can say, yes, I am a master of my instrument. So, you need to have the proper technique to be able to go for the long run. And when I say the long run, I mean opera singers get to sing till they are eighty and sing well but of course not as good as in the glory days but well. And so that technique is what we learn during this period. DOZ Magazine | January 2019 Another thing that is important to note is that we opera singers sing without amplification. That means we’re able to sing in a theatre of two thousand, three thousand seats, and be heard without being amplified. That’s the sheer power of the human voice that we have to learn how to access in those years, and it takes time to be able to learn to master those types of skills. Great! The next question is almost similar. What impact do you think that going to school for six years to learn to sing has had on the success that you now enjoy in your music career? Yes, I had slightly touched it in answer to the former question, 22 and that is that now I can say that I am able to master my technique, my instrument. I am able to move around from country to country continent to continent, in the past month, I was on three continents singing. I am able to go about in an autonomous manner and of course from day to day there are all sorts of things that affect the voice. For example, I got to the US, and I had been flying for about twenty-eight hours. I got there, I was so exhausted, I was dehy- drated, and I had to sing the next morning. I arrived in the evening, and I was completely jet-lagged. So I know what to do in that type of situation to deliver. Come what may, I am able to deliver because the public comes to the performance and they don’t really care what you’ve been through