DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 8

Full of Hope By Danyele Chance T he holidays had been difficult on her since her mother died three years ago. Sometimes it seemed as if she had passed away only yesterday, the pain was so sharp, and other times it felt like a lifetime since she had seen her mother slowly waste away in a hospital bed while the doctors watched helplessly. Cancer. The word still left a bitter taste in her mouth. Cancer was a thief that had taken her mother from her before she was ready to let go. Some days it was all she could do to keep going, to eat, sleep, work, and read as if she were still whole inside. As if nothing at all had changed. DOZ Magazine | November 2018 It was a lie. Her entire life had been ripped apart the day her mother died. Now, Hope took a deep breath of the icy December air. Mom, I still miss you. So much. The words thought but not said aloud, did nothing to ease the ache inside her. She stood on Main Avenue the day before Christmas, gazing unseeingly into the display window of the department store. Christmas is tomorrow, and I should be happy, she knew. Would the pain ever leave? Breathing a sigh, Hope turned away from the window and began walking down the sidewalk. Even among dozens of other people rushing to get 8