DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 38

him making unwanted sexual advances. I was not a virgin, I had a boyfriend while I was in secondary school and we’d had sex on two occasions after we left school but it took him more than two years to convince me. I did not particularly like jumping into bed with a man I had just met. Although I liked Emeka a great deal, I had to get comfortable with him before I could bring myself to sleep with him. I crept quietly into bed just to be sure I didn’t wake him up. Or more like to avoid any unwanted sexual advances. I slept for what seemed like ages, although in reality it was only two hours, and then a knock on the door interrupted my sleep. It was Mary Jane, the vehicle going into school was ready to leave the motel and she wanted to know if they should wait for me. Emeka, who’d gone to open the door, turned to inquire from me if I was ready to leave. I answered in the affirmative and started to get out of bed. He asked Mary Jane to tell the driver to wait for me, and then shut the door. I got dressed at the speed of light and as I was about to leave Emeka gave me a big hug and placed his business card in my hand. He made me promise I would keep in touch. As I walked away, he said he would send Elsie to me. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I nodded and waved as I went. IT WAS MARY JANE, THE VEHICLE GOING INTO SCHOOL WAS READY TO LEAVE THE MOTEL AND SHE WANTED TO KNOW IF THEY SHOULD WAIT FOR ME. EMEKA, WHO’D GONE TO OPEN THE DOOR, TURNED TO INQUIRE FROM ME IF I WAS READY TO LEAVE Elsie returned in the evening and she came to my room to see me. She wanted to know if I had a good time at the party and if I thought Emeka was a great guy. To both I answered yes, and she went on and on and on about how lucky I was to have Emeka and how he liked me and how he told her repeatedly that he would spoil me with goodies. doubt, but did she have to go on and on about him that way? It really made me sick. Thankfully, she didn’t linger; I think she must have noticed that I was not in the mood for her ranting. As she got up to leave, she reached into her pocket, pulled out two thousand naira and handed it to me. She stated that it was her own way of thanking me for attending the party. I was shocked, to tell the truth. It wasn’t that Elsie had not given me money before. While we lived together, she had given me money each time she returned from her weekend trips. But not two thousand naira, and never anything close. It was a lot of money for me; this is the year 1999 I am talking about. I was grateful for her thoughtfulness and generosity and said as much. She smiled. I assured her I wouldn’t and deep inside I wished she would shut up. Emeka was a nice guy, no And she left before I could say anything. As soon as I was alone, I got up and danced for joy, looking “Please don’t forget me when you start enjoying Emeka’s money, oh.” She stressed. “Don’t forget you met him through Elsie.” DOZ Magazine | November 2018 “Don’t mention, but like I told you before, when you start enjoying Emeka’s money, don’t forget me, oh.” 38 at the money over and over again and thinking of all the problems it could solve for me. The following weekend, Friday to be precise, Emeka’s friend, Chris, came to visit me. I was really surprised to see him. He said Emeka had given him my hostel address and asked him to check on me. He informed me that Emeka had travelled to the UK on business and would be back in the country the following week, and planned to spend the weekend in Abraka just to see me. The news gladdened me; I had not thought I would see Emeka again so soon. Before Chris left, he gave me ten thousand naira. It was a gift from Emeka. Then, as he was about to enter his car, he turned to me and said, “I hope you received the ten thousand naira Emeka sent through Elsie.” I wondered what he was talking about and instead of answering I stared on in bewilderment. He frowned and rephrased his statement. This time it became a question. “Did Elsie give you ten thousand naira last Sunday after the party?” He asked and I slowly shook my head. “Elsie gave me two thousand naira to thank me for attending the party, but she didn’t say it was from Emeka.” I informed him. Chris laughed. “What is wrong with that girl?” He asked no one in particular. “In my presence, Emeka gave her fifteen thousand naira. He said five thousand was hers and ten thousand was yours.” He was now obviously angry. “I will report this to Emeka the next time I speak with him.” I watched in silence as he drove off. I decided right there and then that I would not confront Elsie about the issue. I was grateful that I knew the truth and that Emeka too would soon know the truth. …to be continued in the next issue.