DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 37

I couldn’t wait to see this guy she spoke so confidently about. I felt sure I would be highly disappointed when the time came. At about 8pm, Emeka and a friend, Chris, showed up at Elsie’s house. They came in a Mercedes Benz 200 saloon car. As I feared, I was highly disappointed. Is this the man Elsie has been going on and on about? I wondered. He did not look rich and his car must have been at least 15 years old, and certainly looked it. However, I said nothing, and watched as Elsie embraced both men, one after the other, making an unconcealed effort to rub her big breasts against their chests as she did. Then, she remembered I was present and turned round to introduce me to them. I don’t know if she’d told Emeka anything about me before this time, but he held my hand a little longer than necessary - which I might add displeased me a great deal. I was very glad when they left after arranging to pick us up the following day for the traditional marriage ceremony and the bachelor’s eve party. I was unable to attend the traditional marriage because I had a test, but I promised Elsie I would be at her house by 8pm to get dressed for the bachelor’s eve party. I was there as I had promised. Elsie’s cousin, Mary Jane, was also present as she had been invited to the party. As we got changed we heard the sound of a car outside and Elsie, who was already dressed, went to see who it was. She returned briefly to inform us that Emeka had arrived and was waiting in the car. Mary Jane and I hurriedly applied our make-up and joined her outside. I had donned a yellow A-lined ankle length skirt which had a long open slit in front right up to my thighs and showed a lot of skin as I walked. My top was a black halter neck open back, and I let my braided hair flow down over my shoulders. I looked and felt like a million bucks, and I was AS I STEPPED OUT I SAW A RED TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FULL TIME, PARKED IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE WITH EMEKA BEHIND THE WHEEL. IT WAS OBVIOUSLY BRAND NEW, AND A FAR CRY FROM THE CAR HE’D COME IN THE DAY BEFORE, WHICH I DISCOVERED LATER BELONGED TO CHRIS. sure no one would guess that I had bought everything I was wearing from the second hand market. As I stepped out I saw a red Toyota Land Cruiser Full time, parked in front of the house with Emeka behind the wheel. It was obviously brand new, and a far cry from the car he’d come in the day before, which I discovered later belonged to Chris. I realised that Elsie may have been right about him being rich after all, and I became interested in finding out more about him. I stepped into the car and greeted him with a lot more enthusiasm than I had the night before, and was highly disappointed when he did not respond as I expected him to. The proud peacock, I thought to myself. Why is he acting as though he didn’t meet me yesterday? Then as I shut the door, he looked at Elsie, who was sitting in the front seat as though she owned the car, and the man. “Is everyone here? Can I go?” He asked. “Yes.” Elsie said. “But where is Ruki?” He demanded. I was surprised he was asking. 37 “I am here.” I answered quietly from the back seat and he turned around and our eyes met and held for a fraction of a minute. “I am sorry; I didn’t recognise you.” He said apologetically. “You look different.” Different good or different bad? I wondered but did not utter a word as he turned and started the car. When we arrived at the party venue, Emeka took my hand and ensured I did not leave his side; he went as far as taking me with him everywhere he went. I thought he was charming and I discovered I liked being by his side, firstly, because it meant I was the envy of every girl at the party, since Emeka was rich and handsome and the host of the party, and secondly; he was good company. He cracked a lot of jokes and made me laugh a great deal. Elsie was introduced to an elderly gentleman who appeared to be her type; and they disappeared after a while. Emeka and I danced the night away. He was a very good dancer and he mirrored my steps perfectly. We looked good together and were really interesting to watch - and we were watched, especially by a lot of the girls present who hoped to dance with him but never got a chance. It was my night, and he had eyes only for me. When we got tired of dancing, we went for a walk on the motel grounds and he told me a lot about himself. I thought he was an interesting young man and very easy to hold a conversation with; I felt like I’d known him for years. The party came to an end in the early hours of the morning and we retired to his room in the motel so I could sleep for a few hours before returning to school. Emeka was a gentleman to the core, he gave me his pyjamas to wear and before I returned from the bathroom he was fast asleep. I was relieved because it meant I could sleep and not worry about DOZ Magazine | November 2018