DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 35

Charles said, “You’re the one nailing yourself to the cross of your past. If you can’t forgive yourself then how do you expect society to forgive you? Tell yourself that it doesn’t matter if people judge you in their heart, you are a beautiful woman and you have done well for yourself. I am proud of you, but are you proud of your achievements and how far God has brought you?” “Thank you, Charles,” She said, cryptically, “I should have known that you would also run away as soon as you discovered I have a child.” “I love you, Lisa,” Charles said, “And I love your son too, he’s a good boy, and you have done a wonderful job raising him. Don’t let anyone ever make you ashamed of your son. But until you can love yourself and let go of your past, you can’t love anyone else.” She ran back into the cabin, packed hers and Jesse’s bags even as she called for an Uber. Jesse wanted to know what was wrong but Lisa didn’t say anything to him. Jesse loved Charles, and he was pleased that his mom had found someone who could make her happy. He knew she had been through a lot because of him and he just wanted her to be happy. Lisa went back home and never called Charles again nor replied to his text messages. Meanwhile, John chapter 3 vs. 16 kept resonating in her head. When she went to church on Sunday, the pastor’s message was about love and forgiveness. As the service ended, Lisa stood back, observing as the church members hugged each other happily and exchanged greetings. She took a deep breath and walked to the women. “Hello everyone,” Lisa said. “Lisa!” The women cried. “How are you and that darling boy of yours?” Someone asked. She got lots of hugs and was invited to attend a picnic later that day. At the picnic, she realized that some of the women had had worst pasts than her and yet they were happy with their lives. She also realized that a lot of the young women looked up to her because of her tenacity. She found herself having fun for the first time in many years. There would still be people who would whisper behind her back, she realized. But that shouldn’t stop her from being happy. She went on her knees later at night, cried to God and asked Him to fill her heart with His love so she could love and forgive herself. She felt the calmness in her spirit when she was done praying. As Lisa stepped out of her house the next morning, she knew that there was something different about her. She was happy and content with her life. However, her heart yearned for Charles, and she realized that she was in love with him. She should have been saddened by their breakup, but she wasn’t. She had discovered that she could go to God and lay all her problems at His feet. So she prayed to God and asked Him to bring Charles back to her if it was His will for them to be together. She had just finished praying when the doorbell rang, she opened the door and found the man of her dreams standing on her porch. She was so choked with emotions that she began to cry. Charles pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. “While I was praying last night, God told me that you were ready,” Charles said. “I love you, Charles,” she sobbed. “And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I have also realized where I went wrong, I have retraced my steps back to God, and I feel so much at peace now.” “I love you too Lisa,” Charles said, “And I will spend the rest of my days loving you 35 and thanking God every day for bringing you into my life.” Unknown to the lovebirds, Lisa’s son, Jesse had also been praying. He watched from inside the house as his mom and Charles embraced with a happy look on their faces. Jesse had prayed to God to send him someone who could be his dad and someone who would cherish his mother. When Charles came into Lisa’s life, Jesse had known he was the father he had been praying for, but Lisa’s past and pains had blinded her. So Jesse had prayed to God again, asking Him to make Charles and his mother realize that they were destined to be with each other. Charles saw Jesse watching, and he opened his arm, lovingly, and Jesse embraced him. “Welcome home, Dad,” he said. DOZ Magazine | November 2018