DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 31

“You arrogant, ungrateful girl, how could you be so rude to that gentleman?” Her mother had greeted her this morning. Still hurting from the insult, Jessie, her assistant, had called in sick. She knew how awry a day like this could go if she didn’t do anything about her attitude. “Lord, help me heal this hurt,” she muttered as she hurried to the tray she was setting up. “Let your light shine through me to everyone that will come to Oasis today, and just so you know, no more blind dates. You will have my man walk to me and propose. I’m tired of these dating games. I trust you to give me a man after your heart.” She sighed and returned to her mission of running Oasis, her café, situated in the Lagos Airport Terminal. Famed for its honey-coated croissants and other dainty pastries, the café, drew a good number of passengers waiting for their flights. “Sorry madam, your order is forty-five seconds late.” Sade apologized, placing the tray on the table. “It’s okay Dear,” the woman winked and waved a collection of colourful little cards held together with a shiny ribbon. “Your Cute Cards always inspire me as I wait here. This one says, ‘God has a unique and special plan for everyone. We are all different but equally valuable. Knowing this helps us to be content with who we are and what we have. Jeremiah 29:11’” She cast a reflective gaze at Sade and said, “thank you.” Sade’s heart danced at the woman’s appreciation. That was just what she needed – a dose of kind words; to know that, in her little way, she was blessing lives with God’s Word. It didn’t matter anymore if her mother thought she could never attract a decent man at thirty-eight. ************ Days later, Sade was at the cash register, while Jessie attended to customers. say she would be gone in a matter of weeks. We have been Christians since our teenage years. Why should this happen to her?” “Hello,” She looked up with a smile and froze. The tall man standing before her grinned. Sade had encouraged him with God’s word every time he came to Oasis, and together, they would pray for his wife’s healing. After a while, he stopped coming… until now. “Deji, what happened to you?” she gaped, wondering how such a handsome man could have emaciated so severely. Every Friday, for over two years, Deji had lounged at Oasis while waiting for his flight to Calabar. Sade had been attracted to him from the first time she saw him but had cured herself of her infatuation when months later, she saw a wedding band on his finger. “What happened to you?” She asked again. “She’s gone.” In his intense gaze, she saw the remnants of his grief and her eyes welled up with tears. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered. He nodded. “It was devastating. It’s been over a year now, and I need to put my life together again. Will you help me?” While serving him one morning, he had read aloud from her Cute Cards. “It’s difficult to understand why God sometimes lets His children suffer. In hard times, just trust Him that He will work things out in the end for your good. 1 Corinthians 10:13.” Sade blinked several times while Deji smiled, slowly. Seven months later, as he slipped an engagement ring on her finger, she remembered the day she prayed, “Lord, You will have him walk to me and propose… I trust you to give me a man after your heart.” “Really?” He had asked, looking despondent and she had nodded. “My wife of eight months is battling cancer. Doctors 31 DOZ Magazine | November 2018